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Wrought - Nile lyrics

Nanna Father of the Zonei
Eldest of the Wanderers
A Shadow out of Time
The Moon is calling Me
The Breath of the Old Ones
Whispers in my Ear
With inhuman Impatience
They Beckon to Me

I call to the Moon and Sin
I now possess the secrets of the Tides of Blood

I have traveled on the Spheres
And the spheres do not protect Me
I have Walked in the Pit
And the Pit does not protect Me

The Lords of the Wind rush about Me
The Lords of the Earth crawl about my Feet
And are Angered
A Wind has Risen The Dark Waters Stir

The lines of my life have been Obliterated
By my wanderings in the Waste
My fate is no longer Writ in the Stars
For I have broken the Covenant

Have the Gods forsaken Me
I cannot read the Omens
What sacrifice have I failed to Make
I call to the Gods
Do not cast thy servant Down

Wrought What have I Done
In the Beginning [Mega Force] album
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