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Kingdom Come - Freedom Call lyrics

[EP Version]

When it's night on earth

I'm longing for the days

All the tears in my heart, driving me insane

Running free, breaking from our chains away

And smell the wine of paradise

Agony is the price we have to pay

Suffering in pain

Enthroned the darkness spreads it's claws

Tries to catch you now and evil calls

Tears for all my memories fade away

Coldness falls on usMy dreams are turning grey

Take our hands and break down the walls of hate - hopeles

Come and save us from our deadly fate

Kingdom - save us

And then the kingdom will come

Spread our wings to the sun

To a dreamworld we fly

See a shine in the sky

And then the kingdom will come

Take a ferry to the sun

In the name of the crown

We'll never go down

When the kingdom forces are calling

Then the hell will haunt us nevermore

And the world will remain in silence

The sun will shine forervermore
Taragon album
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04   Kingdom Come   -
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