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The Wanderer - Freedom Call lyrics

Here I'm a wandering man
I'm walking through a barren land
I lost my way, I lost my home
In deep despair, I'm riding on

Guardian, where are you now
Ease my heart and fill my soul

Carry on, dream your dreams
Your lust for life is the reason to live
Carry on, hold your ground
Alive and free, you'll never go down

I call upon the holy sun
A million miles away from home
My will is gone, my deeds are done
A dusty road, I'm draging along

Guardian - talk to me now
Ease my heart and fill my soul


In moments of silence when you are alone
You feel the desire is burning still strong
Open your heart and remember the day
When I sent you out on your way

I'm a wandering man, the heir of the crown
A lonely knight, I'm roaming around
I'll never rest, I'll never give in
Until my quest, has come to the end

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