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Pharao - Freedom Call lyrics

Ramses - Pharao
Wiseman - Giant in the sky
Ramses - Pharao
God of wisdom - King of paradise

You're the king and the priest
Creator of life
Of a nation strong and tight
Your word is the law
All knowing, all wise
With mercy in your eyes

The god of deliverance sends a sign
He's the god of deliverance

A love that's stronger than hate
A will that's stronger than fate
Chosen to rule the land from the nile
Born to sacrifice your life


Without you, we feel alone and sad
Without you, we feel the void inside


I'm the river, the giver of life
I'm the one, your will to survive
I'm the sun, the source of light
I'm the moon, diamond in the night
I'm the air, the wind and the breeze
I'm the one, the bringer of ease
I'm the breath of eternity
I'm the hand of destiny

I'm the air, the wind and the breeze
I'm the one, the bringer of ease
I lead your soul to eternity
I set your spirit free
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