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Judge and Jury - 98 Mute lyrics

Artist(Band):98 Mute
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Why must you insist on constant analysis
Why can you just get over it
Got a mind of my own
I can not be your clone
Ive got my own road to follow

Don't try to change my ways
Don't try to twist my fate
Don't try to program me or censor the words I say
Don't humor me and then secretly disapprove
Cause it will only turn me off and against you

Don't try to be my judge and jury
Don't try to pass sentence on me
Don't try to be my judge and jury
Don't try to pass sentence on me

Your endless scrutiny will cause my mutiny
Your rule Your reign is past my warranty
Here's where I make my stand you never stood a chance
I will not do that song and dance

Try and make me over now
You'll drag us both down
Somewhere neither of us wants to be
Respect how I live my life
And ill consider your advice
Cause it will mean so much more to me
Slow Motion Riot album
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