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When I'm With You, I'm OK - Ultimate Fakebook lyrics

Wow I'm so out of it now, I've lost my way somehow,
When did everything get so weird?
I can't function I'm so dense,
My mouth's stopped making sense,
I may be a basket case but at least I've got friends.
Cuz when I am with you,
Nothing is uncool,
And it's all complete from here.
When I'm with you I'm OK,
My skies are blue everyday.
I'm a reject in this town,
My ears ache from that sound,
When did reality get so loud?
I just sleepwalk every street,
Scared of everyone I meet,
How I've survived this long is a mystery to me.
But when I am with you, My needle hits groove,
and a song rings out so clear.
Just hear this song ring out so clear,
I know there's nothing left to fear,
Now when I'm with you somehow I know there's nothing I can't do.
Spent a long time with a pillow 'round my head,
Took so much time just to get me out of bed.
When I am with you, My needle hits groove,
And it's all complete from here,
as the song rings out so clear.
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