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Downstairs/Arena Rock - Ultimate Fakebook lyrics

Crank the amps and light the mixer
Let's fix the drummer's chair
The cooks are here to wreck the kitchen
While they sit and stare, let's take the dare

Concern about this girl I'm turnin' - this girl
This girl could eat my time up lovely
Or this girl could swallow me

Do I dare? Do you care? Do I dare to
write this song?
Do I dare? Do you care? When it's all there
the world stops turnin', engine's burnin'

Class dismissed, don't pay attention
Throw your notebooks in the air
Yeah, school is in, but did we mention
Today's the science fair - be sure you're there

Concern about this girl's allegiance - this girl
This girl could be your best friend one day
And this girl could up and leave

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