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Everyday - Inspection 12 lyrics

Everyday I look in the mirror and I'm always changing.

Everyday I look in the mirror and I'm never quite the same.

Sticks and stones may break my bones,

but words will never hurt me, I'm told.

Well, I'm not so sure I believe all that hype.

I suffer from things that I hear all the time

- to tell you a little bit about me.

I'm clearly a fool full of uncertainty.

But I've no intentions of closing my eyes or my ears.

I'll work my way through overcoming my fears.

Time moves on and I do too.

Why waste my time wondering what else there's to do?

Expecting the worst is the best thing I've found.

Good intentions are paving the way.

Don't you remember back in second grade;

All of the attempts they made?

They taught us of the golden rule.

"Please take it with you after school." they told us.

Now fourteen years later, here among my peers,

it's finally started to make sense to me.

I'm shaping the future, but gradually

since I've now learned by heart that there are no guarantees.
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