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Moneyspin - Fretblanket lyrics

Sit and complicate the way it all should be
Or leave, like you left behind the people you should need
And crack a smile like you've
Never seen this one before,
Never known these times ahead,
Never lived this part before...
Walking slowly back across the silver sands
Cruise down through the eyeball of the sunset on the land
The setting sun casting
Different shadows on the floor,
A little freedom in your hands,
A little time to change it all...
If I could find it too
Be supercool like you
I might just get to you,
When you don't come through...
Head down, as you throw yourself at each and every day,
Stuck down, you can stick around and maybe find a way,
And crack a smile 'cos you've
Surely seen this one before,
Surely known these times ahead,
Surely lived this part before...
Each decision begs the question,
Blow your cool or get the right one...
I might find it too
I've seen the same as you
Lived the same days through
Supercool like you...
Home Truths from Abroad album
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