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Hypnotised - 2 Unlimited lyrics

I'm in a trance!
Ahhh! Hypnotised.Hypnotised
A funky riff - a mellow beat
You're hypnotised

No more troubles, no more troubles, music sets me free.
'Cause the music lives inside of me.
No more troubles, no more worries, music lifts me up.
I'm in a trance, I just can't stop.

I'm hypnotised, cause the music takes me back in time.
I'm hypnotised, no more worries I've got the music on my mind.

It's the music now, you can't refuse it.
Listen close now, don't abuse it.
You're hypnotised as you hear the sound,
you lose control you're out of bound.
Realize it's twice as nice,
you get it free no there's no price.
You fantasize, i'ts in your eyes.
You got the feeling, you're hypnotised.

You flow with the streams, and you won't let go.
It drives you mad in stereo.
You're on your own down the zone,
tikkie techno through the bone.
A funky riff-- a mellow beat.
You get it all, the gentle treat.
You're in a trance before you realize
when the music starts, you're hypnotised.

Now dance, put you in a trance.
Now dance, put you in a trance. Come on
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