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Info Superhighway - 2 Unlimited lyrics

See the world progressing all around us, it's a virtual society.
Info superhighway interaction, computer pal or enemy.
So communicate with me.
Won't you interact with me?

Technicians, technique, technology:
it's the most important thing in the industry.
It's going further nowadays, 'cause they wanna get paid.
Every day new discovery and plans to be made.
Now get connected like an electric wire,
look out for the shock, look out for the fire.
Just imagine how it would be without this thing they call "technology".

Technicians, technique, technology:
it runs the world and society.
Digital revolution, technical solutions,
for some it only brings more and more confusion.
Do we still talk about civilization,
'cause we gotta look out for for computer invasion.
Radio, telephone, or TV..would it be there without technology
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