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Do What I Like - 2 Unlimited lyrics

This is the way I live my life,
and there's no need to criticize.
This is the way I live my life,
and there's no need to criticize.
'Cause I do, do what I like,
this is my life and I'm satisfied.
I do, do what I like...
it's the way I live my life!

Come let me enter in your brain,
you know how it goes no pain, no gain.
I'm a rough young brother,
I care about another.
I thank my life to my dad and my mother.
Searching like a hunter, always into something.
You wanna be down? First stop fronting.
Please don't speak, pass me the mic,
cause no matter what you say
I'll do what I like.

Rumours and lies all from the mouth,
people hear things and they start to shout.
In the '94 I still do what I like,
listen to me and don't believe the hype.
I'm living kinda fat and I'm in command.
So I gotta look out for the next jealous man.
You don't even know how I live my life,
stop pointing the finger cause I'll do what I like
Real Things album
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