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Big You Up - 54-40 lyrics

Hello, hello is anybody home big you up real nice
Do a buck fifty on the open road it's a taste of total vice
Big you up, oh yeah it has you in the game
Big you up, oh yeah buddy you're not safe
She'll big you up and pull you down

I know I know it's on with the show
'cause you paid for the pleasure

Lips begin to talk, speech created thought and
the thought - thought it just got better
Big you up, oh yeah master the moment's need
Big you up, oh yeah what does your body need
She'll big you up and pull you down

And if you go the distance baby
Make sure your real self correct
And if you hide away, no need to explain
Your time away, buddy you're not safe

Okay okay you wandered like a stray
through the horror and it's beauty divine
The charm dissolves and the holy vision falls
and the flow won't floss your mind
Big you up oh yeah you're wanted in the game
Big you up oh yeah you wanted to again
She'll big you up and pull you down
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