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I Go Blind - 54-40 lyrics

Everytime I look at you I go blind
Everytime I look at you I go blind
In the morning I get up
And I try to feel alive but I can't
I don't know what it is
Something in me just won't give it a chance
I think it's just that I feel more confused by the deal
Love has shown me
Little child did you know that there's light
And it's gonna shine right through your eyes
What do you think that life is like
Everytime I look at you I go blind
Somewhere over there
There's a purpose there's a care for free
In me there's nobody
No one plan no one stand to be free
I think it's that because I have seen all the fuss
And it's no big deal
Hold me hold me
'Cause I wanna get high and higher
Higher than
Casual Viewin' USA album
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