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Desperately Seeking Anyone - 54-40 lyrics

Look into the wailing wall
Tell me what you see
Is there anyone out there
Look into your tea cup
Tell me what you read
Is there anyone out there

Should be counted should be whole
Should be ransom for some soul
Need connection need connection
need connection

Look into the crystal ball
Tell me what you see
Is there anyone out there
Stick it to the voodoo doll
Tell me if it bleeds
Is there anyone out there

On the steps singing for a friend
It's bagman backhand grand marcee
He's got a junta to parlez
A two time loser for the kill joy
In a last ditch in a jiff
He's got a sour note out of place
nervous face
In a trigger happy way
Sweating bullets all day
Make'em make'em gang way
For the big enchilada
Yeah yeah and I'm crashing the gates
I hear the whammy and I'm setting
it straight

Written by Neil Osborne and 5440
Fifty-Four Forty Songs Inc./Sony-ATV Music Publishing Canada (SOCAN)
Trusted by Millions album
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