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Eternally Yours - 2 Unlimited lyrics

Oh feels so good to be here with you.
We have a love that will last forever.
And girl, I just want you to know the way I feel
Because I'm eternally yours.

Girl you make me feel so good inside,
When you're in my arms, and I'm holding you tight.
I touch your sweet body with a warm caress,
Then I give you love and tenderness.
You are like my dream come true,
A dream to last my whole life through.
Now, and forever more, baby I'm eternally yours.

We'll be together 'till the end of time.
Every night I'll kiss your body 'till your satisfied,
And I'll never, ever let you go.
Girl, I'm yours forever more.
So wrap my heart in your protection,
Let my love be your affection.
Just like the sea to the shore, girl, I'm eternally yours.

A love like ours can only last forever.
It keeps growing stronger than the day before.
I know that we were meant to be together.
I want to tell you, too, that I'm eternally yours!

People think I'm crazy to feel this way,
But I'm in love. What can I say?
The way I feel is my defense.
I don't even see my old friends.
I just wanna be with you cause this love is strong.
I wanna be with you right or wrong.
You are all I'm living for; yeah, I'm eternally yours.

Baby, you're the one that I adore,
Let me touch your body when we're on the floor.
Girl, I've got a lot of love in store,
To give you what you want and even more.
You are all I'm living for,
Forever like the sea to the shore.
Baby, I'm eternally yours, yeah, I'm eternally yours
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