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Temptation - Kudu lyrics

Staring at Pandora’s box, a box marked ‘do not touch’
I’m trying to avoid the things, I know I want so much

Temptation, stop following me,
Temptation, you’re causing a problem for me

I want to do what’s right, but I want to do what’s wrong
I guess I’ll have to sweat this out until I’m sure you’re gone

Temptation is a slippery snake who hisses, “I promise, I won’t bite”
Temptation will do whatever it takes to make me loose the fight

Temptation, stop following me,
Temptation, you’re making a fool of me…go away

The air is thick and sweet, whenever we two meet
Temptation coming on so strong, I’m prepared for defeat

Thinking of the present, and ignoring what’s to come
That if I find just what I seek it can never be undone
Temptation, stop following me
Curiosity usually gets the best of me
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