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Sleeping Motor Boy - Discount lyrics

you'd kill yourself wouldn't you

you'd kill yourself wouldn't you

you'd put yourself in pieces if you

felt someone could use your pieces

wouldn't you

you'd do it hardly thinking

go for random cuts relieving

how you wanted badly to be an airplane

to take us to your air space

the only place

where you can stop the shaking

you've got all the gasoline

one could ever ever need

say tell that to the one who

tell that to yourself- you

illustrate your grave disorder

walking holes into the floor

tracking drags your fingers alligned

along those locked wide open doors

say it to yourself

no one's gonna do it for you

so shouldn't you

you've got it all blacklined

in measured time a stencil mind

unveils the sleeping motor

dreaming on while your shoulders sink

oh no wonder

you sleep on edge like maybe

if they want me they can take me

but they're gonna have to drag my feet

from the drain
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