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i think you've broken in

i think you've reached intersection

i think you've loaded the gun

past formalities into action

the way you stand there

face facing right, eyes locking in

i am your target

pupils dilate to take the hit

no dish. no cable. simply an aerial.

i've got it.

i take the liberty

i take the bait and place the bait

i take all the tools on my belt

sharpen them up and set them out

i've come to notice

i've come to know you

been feeling way too centered

now i'm reaching out of this lazy middle

no dish. no cable. simply an aerial.

i've got it.

now you've locked me straight in the doorway

now you've locked me foreign language

now it's missed what i feared missed

how beside you i am sharing i am

fuck dim shouldered and your

your, you're boredom

boredom boredom babies
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