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What Is Your Secret? - Nada Surf lyrics

So we walked and talked
Then we sat and talked
Said it was the truth
But what is your secret?
Dragged it on and on
Even favorite songs but
Your division's wrong
What is your secret?
I don't care about you anymore
The people got tired
I don't care about you anymore
The actress was fired
You said you were yourself
Not being someone else
That this was new for you
But what is your secret?
You said just what I said
So why's the meter red?
And why's the needle pegged?
What is your secret?
You want to control
You want to be controlled
You're like a little switch
And then you take your toll
Your every reckless twist
I wasn't made for this
Thank god that life is so long
And the city's so big
I don't think about you anymore
I try not to think about you.
The Weight Is a Gift album
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