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Let The Candle Burn - Natalie Brown lyrics

(N. BrownJ. Rwakaara)

I can feel your tension baby
Sense that you need some relief
Let me ease your burden
Come lie down on these sheets
Let me take your clothes off
And rub your body good
You know that I love you baby
I'd do anything for you
Yes, you know I would
I'll light a candle and let it burn
Wax melting slow, candlelight glow

Let the candle burn baby
All the way down tonight
I can sense you need me
I'ma make everything a'ight
Just watch the candle burn
Melting nice and slow
I'ma make it betta baby
I just want you to know

Do you know what joy I feel
When I ease your strain
Makes me feel all warm baby
When you feel happy
Cast your cares aside
Throw your thoughts into the wind
Every pleasure baby
Lovingly I will provide
I'll light a candle and let it burn
Wax melting slow, candlelight glow

I'll light a candle, let it burn up slow
Watch the wax melt down
Let the candles glow
We can take our time shuga
Take it slow
‘Cuz there ain't no where to go
Burn, Burn
All the way down tonight
Burn, burn
I'll make everything right
Let the Candle Burn album
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