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Be Your Girl - Teedra Moses lyrics

Don't know if you got a girl
Don't mean no disrespect but...
Thoughts of you rule my world
I even dream of you
I swear
visions of you and i

see you all around my way
been meaning to say hi but...
I'm just way too shy
I gotta make you see this is...
more than just a silly crush

(And I.....)
wonder if you even notice me
You gotta feel me
(And I.....)
will love you good
Just wanna be your girl

All alone at night
I harbour feelings for you
holding my pillow tight
sometimes i even touch myself....
imagining your pleasure baby

Next time i see you I'm
gonna walk right up to you and..
say what's on my mind
I gotta make you see
this is
then just a silly crush...

[Repeat Chorus]

I wonder if you even notice me
you gotta feel me
I would love you good
Just wanna be (Just wanna be)
Just wanna be
Your girl

[Repeat Chorus X 2]
Complex Simplicity album
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