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Baby - YahZarah lyrics

ooh (ooh)
ooh, oo-oo-ooooh, ahh, ah yeah
gotta get rid of you
yeah, gotta clean up house
yeah, oo-oo-ooooh (yeah)
ahh, ah yeah
'cause I'm a clean up woman
ahh, yeah

thought you were cold as ice
now you gotta make the sacrifice
boy, you losin' me
look at the mess you made
now you're beggin' me not to leave
you must have lost your mind, yeahh
first time, it was shame on you
and the second time, it was shame on me
well, now it's here, third degree
and that's time for you to leave
and all your lies and your excuses
to me, it did come useless
you're cryin' and pleadin'
a dollar short, a day too late

baby, baby
you know you shoulda been by me
and now I gotta set you free
baby, baby
you know you shoulda been a man
now I gotta find someone who can
yeah, yeah, yeah

ooh, ohh, oh-oh-ohhhh, oh
my, my, my-my-my-my, my my

now I was cold as ice
said it was nothin' nice I know
lyin', cheatin', had it up to here, hey, hey
and I owe you my life
I can see all in your eyes for sure
usin', abusin', gonna catch a case, hey, hey
all the things you said were lies, then
except the way you cried when I left
but you know I'm gone, no regrets
(no regrets, no)
and all your tired-ass excuses
like you, it come useless
and you think that I'll come runnin'
you ain't seen nothin' yet


there was a day
that I would give you almost everything
and there's no doubt about it, heyy, heyyy
and there was a time
I used to long for how we used to be
but now I'm tired of cryin'

(chorus x2)

ooh (ohh), ooh (no, no, no, no)
you know you shoulda been by me
(hit the road, Jack)
oo-oo-ooooh, ahhh
the cars, the kids (hit the road, Jack)
the keys, I want it all
gonna bring you to your knees
gotta clean up house, ohhhh, yeah
ooo-oooh (well, well)
Blackstar album
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