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Bury It - YahZarah lyrics

you're guilty in wallow and in self-pity
we're so tired of hearin' how he did you wrong
we all know you did all you could
and now you're talkin' like you miss
you need to have a party and pop Cristal
'cuz Miss, the man is gone
and you know

dearly beloved, we are gathered here today
to bury the bitch and let it die
to bury the bitch and let it die
how long are you suppose to
lay around, lose weight and cry?
time to give the bullshit wings and let it fly
fly away, fly away-ay-ay

mm, I've been tellin' you for a while
to let it go (let it go)
you're so mad, he forgot about you long ago
you're runnin' round town
with your face frowned up like he did you wrong
(like he did you wrong, yeah, yeah)
you sittin' back in his easy chair on chill town
you need to let it go
you got the whole world is runnin' to


see, I know sometimes
you feel like you lose your mind
livin' on hard times feels like
every mountain's left to climb
but don't let go, don't lose your head
see, I, I know it's hard for live for,
forget to hold on
faith is not illegal and love is not dead
(no it's, no it's not)
and baby, baby, it's not over
'cuz he's not in your bed (he's not in your bed)
you've got to walk on, be strong, be strong
be strong, oh, yeah, yeah, yeahh
yeah, yeah, yeahhhh


you can't, you can't, you can't deny, no
no, sister, don't give in
it's not like he died, yeah
you got to pick up
put your two wings and fly
time to give the bullshit wings and let it fly
hey, hey, yeahh, ooh


you got to keep your head
so you got to rest your head
mmm, oh, oh
you got to keep your head
see, you got to keep your head, ohh
you got to keep your head
so you got to rest your head
see, you got to rest your head, oh
you got to rest your head
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