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Nova - YahZarah lyrics

I'm 'bout to tell y'all a story
you know, y'all know this girl
cold-ass ho, pretty young thang
all the potentials in the world to be beautiful
just a little too fast strong girl
gonna mess up on every damn thing
chill out
life's too short, y'all
alright, check me out

ch-ch-check out
ch-ch-ch-check-check-check out
ch-ch-check out
ch-ch-ch-check-check-ch-ch-check out
ch-check out, ch-ch-check-check out

she was crafty, professional daydramer
may know her for the star-r-r-r, uh
head in the clouds, young and loud
oh, always in a hurry, always in a hurry
she's always in a hurry, jumping in
never thinking
fast talkin' and high livin' only leads to trouble
girl, so you might ought to

slow down, nova
girl, you're runnin' to fast
slow down, nova
lift your foot off the gas, baby
slow down, nova
girl, you're runnin' too fast
slow down' nova
slow it down, slow it down, down, down

chill out and relax
light a candle and watch the wax
you've got so much time, girl
so much time, girl
boo, don't stop what'cha doing
I ain't hating on you, whoa
but whatever you do next,
the rest is up to you
uh-huh, I want you just

(chorus x2)

traveling faster than the speed of light
spendin' in the universe tryin' to flight
nova (oh nova, nova)
traveling (yeah, traveling)
traveling faster than the speed of light
spendin' in the universe tryin' to flight
nova (whoaaa, yeahhh, yeah, nova)
traveling (nova, na-na-na-n-n-nova)

(repeat chorus x3)

put off the breaks, nova
Blackstar album
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