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One Day - YahZarah lyrics

(YahZarah) oooh, (Three Keys) oooh
oooh, oooh, oooooh, oooh (one day)
so much time [so much time]
I've wasted with you [I've wasted with you]
you never tell me the truth
finally I see how you really are
all you do [all you do]
will come back to you [will come back to you]
you oughta keep bragging now
next time you realize one day
one day, maybe not today
but I am sure that one day
you are gonna be sorry
now it's too late
nine months later was your mistake
all I can say is one day, baby, one day
I remember waiting for your call
you never really care at all
finally it is over now
no more pain [no more pain]
no more lonely nights [no more lonely nights]
don't worry, I will be alright
if you're lookin' for me and I'll be gone one day
uh-huh, I hear what you sayin'
this is where I'm at right now, uh-huh
yo, you was a good thing, Yahz, but the time ain't right
payin' to steal your heart like a thief in the night
gotta keep it real, the streets is callin'
got a little money now 'cuz boss is ballin'
new six, new style, new life
knowin' you the one that should be my wife
mean to make you fall like Alicia Keys
mama would'nt said that there'll be days like these
take a long time, why you so upset?
all I wanted some space, I ain't done yet
I know you mad, but I'm-a keep it real
my cards on the table, ma, it's your deal
a debt been made, gotta pay what I owe
ask 21 questions, keep your 50 in rolled
love has got you crazy right now
I'm your destiny child, so eas yourself now
[Chorus x4 w/ ad-libs]
Blackstar album
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