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It's True - Queen Pen lyrics

Yeah, it's 97 going into 98
And I've been doin' this for mad years, payin' dues
This is my heart, my purpose in life
And finally I'm on
Which brings me to realise that the tough life that I had only made me
stronger, ...TRUE

Chorus: Richard Stites
A ha ha ha ha
I know this much is true
A ha ha ha ha
I know this much is true

Verse One:
Growin' up didn't want to have nothing to do wit' you
Make you hittin' everybody went to high school wit' you
Wanna play you close and jump in the pool wit' you
I don't know what to do but this much is true
And in the hood, they all like to knock your career
And turn right around when you hot a gear
I played Midas and told them that it's God I fear
That the man upstairs, he control this here
And it's funny how, soon as the money piles
Everybody wanna play with that brother now
Run me down, but when the doe gets low, only a few friends roll, you know
And Mama, bless her heart, she used to give me strife
My Melody album
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