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It Won't Let Go - Ol Skool lyrics

Ol Skool
Check it
I met you out about a week ago
Club hoppin
And by the way that you was kickin'
I could say that you was show stoppin'
See I was poppin' off game
To the ladies in the back corner
Runnin' my Saint Louis mack on 'em
I saw ya walkin' around
Partyin' with ya crew
Sippin' on tanguaray and lime juice
That's when I knew that it was time for you to get at me
See I'm a troop not your ordinary sugar daddy
See I'd be happy if we just maybe conversate
Take a walk on the lake and have a dinner date
It's gettin' late but the night is still young lady
Ya got me speakin' in tongues, I think I'm sprung baby
All the lovin' that you're givin' comes in so strong
You want me to leave but I'ma keep holdin' on
'Cause see this Ol Skool lovin' is the bomb, yo
I'm playin' a fool but still I won't let it go
Sometimes I often wonder if
If you're feelin' the same as I do
Constant thoughts of you and me
And all the fun things that we can do
Even though the feelin's strong
You keep me holdin' on
Tell what else can I do
Time and time again I've tried
To keep you off my mind
I don't know, can somebody tell me why
Every time you come around
I just lose control
Something just comes over me
And it won't let go
Girl can't you see
Just what you do to me
I want you to know
Something just comes over me
And you won't let go
Oh, no
Wait a minute, listen girl
I got something I wanna say
You (you know you turn me on)
You (you've got it going on)
What the hell can I do
'Cause every day and every night
You see me passing your way
Instead of acting like you care
You turn and walk away
Won't somebody tell me the reason why
Repeat Chorus 2Xs
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