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Ruby Mae - Indigo Swing lyrics

early morning whistle stop
beside a depot coal and mop
a train that finds a smiling face
its a ruby girl in shining grace
so long
ruby mae
he takes her to his modest home
to bath and feed and call his own
he didnt know her history
or what she would grow up to be
who knew
ruby mae
who knew
rolling on ruby mae
she never knew what school entailed
but loved to go and ride the rails
at dining car she'd sit with dad
and there she learn the gift she had for song
ruby mae
and all along the ivories
her hands would roll with perfect ease
and the down the line shed play a muse
boogie dixie delta blues play on
ruby mae
play on
rolling on ruby mae
rolling on ruby mae
and up and down the railway towns
the people came from miles around
to hear the swing and gospel sound
and bless the girl the train man found
shes home
ruby mae
shes home
rolling on ruby mae
rolling on ruby mae
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