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For Heaven's Sake - 16 Horsepower lyrics

i surely knew it was a trap ye
yet my hands they would not listen
i shoulda known your word was flap
comin' out all sweet an drippin'
o so where could i go - yes but to the lord
i been to your house an' see what you adore
i left there stiff - stiff as a board
where could i go but to the lord
when will i hurt for heaven's sake
when will i suffer for the sake of heaven
all my love well it is madness
freely given to you folks with gladness
i will not live and die - no not by the sword
i am weak without the joy of the lord
taste and see that the lord is good
let's bend our knees like we know we should
we can't see clear - our eyes are made of wood
taste and see boy that the lord is good
Hoarse [live] album
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