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Low Estate - 16 Horsepower lyrics

to hell with boys creepin' up slowly
swingin' them shovels 'round
diggin' up words of pleasure
from evil hollow ground
o - an' here's one now girl
the devil is in his eye
you'd better start stirring up soil boy
or hear e'r you'll lye
whispered to you in the dark
and i think you heard me say
let's say goodbye like we said hello
in a friendly kind of way
ye charlie's neat an' charlie's keen but
david he's a dandy
david he's a nice young man
he feeds the girls on candy
whispered to you in the dark
and all that sordid gain
let's say goodbye like we said hello
in a friendly kinda way
now what i done's my damage
an' what you do is your'n
y'all got nothin' on me
but i'll take that there
crown of scorn
Hoarse [live] album
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