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When Ur Hero Falls - 2Pac lyrics

Hey, ooh ah ooh oh oh

When your hero falls from grace
All your fairy tales are uncovered

Myths exposed and pain magnified
The greatest pain discovered

You told me to be strong but I'm confused to see you so weak
You said to never to give up and it hurts to see you welcoming me

When your hero falls so do the stars
When your hero falls so do the stars
And so does the perception of tomorrow

Without my hero there is only me alone
To deal with my sorrow, to deal with my sorrow

Your insistance to work and your soul is not happy at all
What do you expect it to do when your hero falls
So do the stars

See I know you're wondering how do I carry on
You want to give up you feel there's nobody to love
But if you look around there's so many people have been what you been
You gotta let go you gotta be strong oh

Sing it again one more time

When your hero falls (Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
When your hero falls (Ooh yeah)
When your hero falls (What am I supposed to do)
When your hero falls (When I'm looking to you yeah)
When your hero falls (But you told me to be strong)
When your hero falls (And to never give up oh oh)
When your only hero falls (Say it again)

When your hero falls (Whoa, oh yeah)
When your hero falls (Oh oh)
When your hero falls (What you saying)
When your hero falls (Won't you listen to the children sing)
When your hero falls (As they sing it to the whole world)
When your hero falls (Oh oh, oh oh yeah)
When your only hero falls
The Rose, Vol. 2 album
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