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Peter Ostroushko lyrics
Genre: Folk
Sluz Duz Music (1985) 01. The Last Stand [add]
02. Friedrich Polka [add]
03. Marjorie's Waltz [add]
04. Fiddle Tune Medley: My Love, I Miss Her So/Farewell to Calgary [add]
05. Burnt Biscuit Breakdown [add]
06. Sleepy Jesus Rag [add]
07. Sl?z-D?z Polka [add]
08. Katerina's Waltz [add]
09. Christian Creek [add]
10. Co. Kerry to Kiev Medley: Mcintyres Hornpipe/The Mist on the Lake/Mci [add]

Buddies of Swing (1987) 01. Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away) [add]
02. Indifference [add]
03. Benny's/Pennies from Heaven [add]
04. Blues for Marian (Waltz of the Holsteins) [add]
05. Beaumont Rag [add]
06. Tico-Tico [add]
07. Bring on Some Rain [add]
08. Fats Waller Medley: Jitterbug Waltz/Ain't Misbehavin'/Lulus's Back In [add]
09. Honeysuckle Rose [add]

Blue Mesa (1989) 01. International Medley:Lost Indian/Reel of the Hanged Man [add]
02. Marjorie's Waltz, No. 2 [add]
03. Horizontal Hold [add]
04. Irish Medley: Sweeps Hornpipe/The Scholar/Ban Anti AR Lar [add]
05. The Orthodox Priest [add]
06. Polka Medley: The Charleston Polka/The B.T. Polka [add]
07. Bonnie Mulligan's [add]
08. Monkey on a Dog Cart [add]
09. Bury Me Beneath the Willow [add]
10. The Highwire Hornpipe [add]
11. Ukrainian Medley [add]
12. Blue Mesa [add]
13. Jig Medley: Ostroushko's #1/Ostroushko's #2 [add]

Duo (1991) 01. The Whalebone Feathers [add]
02. Musette in a Minor [add]
03. Three Brazilian Melodies: Index One/Index Two/Index Three [add]
04. The Nightingale Medley: Index One/Index Two [add]
05. Unknowingly She Walked With Grace Amongst Tall Men [add]
06. The Prairie Suite [add]
07. Waltz for Hana [add]
08. Bukavina [add]
09. When You and I Were Young, Maggie [add]
10. Fiddle Tunes: Mesa de Esoeranza/The Edinburgh Jigs/Sarah Breaky's ... [add]

Heart of the Heartland (1995) 01. Seattle [The Fantasy Reel] [add]
02. Prairie Sunrise [add]
03. Puppy Bell Dance [add]
04. Montana [add]
05. Dakota Themes: Kasposia/Pioneer Waltz/Pigs Eye Reel [add]
06. Heart of the Heartland [add]
07. Nicaragua (Prelude and Dance] [add]
08. Sweet Betsy from Pike [add]
09. Virginia Reel from Hell Medley: Spotted Pony/Mississippi Reel/Wrystra [add]
10. (Twilight on) The Sangre de Cristos [add]

Pilgrims on the Heart Road (1997) 01. Miracle [add]
02. Mandela [add]
03. Twilight of Our Years [add]
04. My People [add]
05. Down on the Plain of Reeds [add]
06. Once Again [add]
07. I'm So Glad You Came into My Life [add]
08. You Don't Know What Lonely Is [add]
09. Baby, Bring Your Sweet Lovin' to Me [add]
10. Like Memories Often Do [add]

Sacred Heart (2000) 01. Boston [add]
02. Sacred Heart, Pts. 1 & 2 [add]
03. Puckett's Farewell [add]
04. Lafayette [add]
05. Even the Ravens Mourn over You [add]
06. Three Crows [add]
07. Tatiana's Lament [add]
08. Sloboda [add]
09. Medicine Bow [add]
10. Madison [add]

Coming Down from Red Lodge (2003) 01. Coming Down from Red Lodge [add]
02. (Peter's Most Excellent) Trip to Donegal [add]
03. Teelin Bay Waltz [add]
04. President George W. Bush's Hornpipe [add]
05. New Smyrna Serenade [add]
06. Cashdollar Blues [add]
07. East Texas Waltz [add]
08. Topanga Canyon Strut [add]
09. Reel Medley: The Four-Faced Liar/Baggett Street/The Witches' Kitchen [add]
10. Hymn: Page 9/11 [add]

Minnesota: A History of the Land (2005) 01. Uncommon Ground [add]
02. Glaciers [add]
03. The Land to Which We Belong [add]
04. After the Buffalo Hunt/Metis [add]
05. St. Anthony Falls [add]
06. King of the Northern Forest [add]
07. Lumerjack's Waltz [add]
08. White Pine Elegy [add]
09. Hinckley Fire Trilogy [add]
10. Once in the Prairie Tall Grass [add]
11. Plowman's Reel [add]
12. Psalm of the Prairie [add]
13. Crane's Slow Drag [add]
14. Mill City Rag [add]
15. Swede Hollow Lament [add]
16. The Crooked Man's Jig [add]
17. Mallard Island Hymn [add]
18. North of the Prairie Stars [add]
19. Dancin in the Mississippi Mud [add]
20. Lord, In the Bosom We Will Rest [add]

Postcards (2006) 01. Manassas Junction [add]
02. Baghdad Blues [add]
03. St. Augustine Lullaby [add]
04. Saturday Night Guys Cruising Van Nuys [add]
05. When the City of Angels Sleeps [add]
06. Dayton Cakewalk Delight [add]
07. Bemidji Blues [add]
08. Cashdollar's Berkshire Blues [add]
09. Tecumseh [add]
10. McCully's Waltz [add]
11. Montenegro [add]
12. Meditation on the Thin Space at St. Paul's Chapel [add]

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