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Genre: Country
Contender (& X Rays) (1981) 01. Yes, Indeed! [add]
02. Oh My Love [add]
03. Will to Survive [add]
04. Love and Money [add]
05. Wait Here for the Cops [add]
06. Contender [add]
07. Destiny [add]
08. Steal My Thunder [add]
09. When Will I Get over You [add]
10. She Bound to Go [add]

Eye of the Storm (1986) 01. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning [add]
02. I Keep My Fingers Crossed [add]
03. Theresa Maria [add]
04. A Dangerous Man [add]
05. If It Wasn't for the Wind [add]
06. Steal My Thunder [add]
07. Who Knows Better Than I? [add]
08. Titanic [add]
09. Queen Anne's Lace [add]
10. My Baby's Gone [add]
11. Eye of the Storm [add]
12. Ain't It That Way [add]

Deeper Well (1989) 01. Deeper Well [add]
02. Women Across the River [add]
03. Brand New Skin [add]
04. Jerusalem Tomorrow [add]
05. If Love Was Illegal [add]
06. Poor Clothing [add]
07. If My Eyes Were Blind [add]
08. The Way I Am [add]
09. Illegal Cargo [add]
10. Lonesome Waltz of the Wind [add]
11. You Are Here [add]

Roses (1991) 01. Lee's Highway/Bamaloo [add]
02. Luckiest Man [add]
03. Lean and Hungry Years [add]
04. Last Fair Deal [add]
05. Millionaire [add]
06. Rex's Blues [add]
07. Rose Tattoo [add]
08. Love's Been Linked to the Blues [add]
09. That's Why She's With Me [add]
10. Don't Keep It a Secret [add]
11. Roses [add]

Top to Bottom (1991) 01. Jama Ball [add]
02. Big Cadillac [add]
03. You Can Count on Me [add]
04. That's My Story [add]
05. Nothing Matters But You [add]
06. Hey Now [add]
07. Downtown [add]
08. Alone [add]
09. Frankie and Johnny [add]
10. Smoke on Ice [add]
11. Evil Twin [add]
12. Where Do the Good Times Go [add]

Ache of Longing (1992) 01. Soldier of Misfortune [add]
02. Such a Simple Thing [add]
03. Only You [add]
04. Ache of Longing [add]
05. Crazy Fool [add]
06. Farewell Sedalia [add]
07. Love Can Be That Way [add]
08. Lucky Star and Mr. Moon [add]
09. Lelia [add]
10. The Man on the Flying Trapeze [add]
11. Just a Little Rain [add]
12. Barrymore Remembers [add]

High, Wide and Lonesome (1995) 01. Walk Downtown [add]
02. You Gotta Hold on Me [add]
03. Caterpillar [add]
04. Another Place, Another Time [add]
05. My Family Owns This Town [add]
06. Brays [add]
07. Raw Bone [add]
08. Ruby Ann [add]
09. In Your Eyes [add]
10. Flood of '93 [add]
11. Blue Grey Eyes [add]
12. Vincent's Blues [add]

Live in Holland (1995) 01. Poor Clothing [add]
02. A Little Bit of Poison [add]
03. Rex's Blues [add]
04. Big Cadillac [add]
05. That's Why She's With Me [add]
06. Jerusalem Tomorrow [add]
07. Walk Downtown [add]
08. What Would I Do Without Your Love [add]
09. My Family Owns This Town [add]
10. The Ache of Longing [add]
11. Rose Tattoo [add]
12. Hymn of Brays [add]
13. Millionaire [add]
14. Vincent's Blues [add]

Real Lies (1997) 01. House Rules [add]
02. Barrymore Remembers [add]
03. Camile [add]
04. Robert Ford & Jesse James [add]
05. I'll Fall in Love Again [add]
06. Basketball [add]
07. Baseball [add]
08. Leaf in the Wind [add]
09. Thirty Coins of Gold [add]
10. Death, True Love, Lonesome Blues and Me [add]
11. Sunset on Sunset Boulevard [add]
12. Border Town [add]
13. It Won't Be Me No More [add]

Ghosts in the Wind [live] (1999) 01. Two Kinds of Love [add]
02. Sister Angelina [add]
03. Lickiest Man [add]
04. Shaken But Not Stirred [add]
05. Running from Love [add]
06. If It Wasn't for the Wind [add]
07. Jerusalem Tomorrow [add]
08. Message to Garcia/Soldier of Misfortune [add]
09. That's My Story [add]
10. If My Eyes Were Blind [add]
11. Barrymore Remembers [add]
12. Love's Been Linked to the Blues [add]
13. Evil Twin [add]
14. Charleston Knife/ Who Do You Love? [add]
15. Contender [add]

Through a Glass Darkly (1999) 01. 1917 [add]
02. Dillinger [add]
03. Avery County [add]
04. JT's Escape [add]
05. Little Bit of Poison [add]
06. The Suicide Kid [add]
07. Snowin' on Raton [add]
08. C'mon Through Carolina [add]
09. Ice Cold Water [add]
10. Racetrack Blues [add]
11. The Colorado Kid [add]
12. That's All I Need to Know [add]
13. Lilly of the Valley [add]
14. Lay Down Your Kingdom [add]
15. Barabbas [add]
16. Dogwoods [add]

Omar's Blues (2000) 01. Omar's Blues #1 [add]
02. If It Wasn't for the Wind [add]
03. Delta Blue [add]
04. My Wild Youth [add]
05. Solid Gone [add]
06. Omar's Blues #2 [add]
07. If I'd Have Known I Couldn't Do It [add]
08. Bathsheba Blues [add]
09. Asalom [add]
10. Omar's Blues #3 [add]
11. Fast Eddie [add]
12. Lazo [add]
13. Paris Incident [add]
14. The Hat and the Cane [add]

Women Across the River [live] (2002) 01. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning [add]
02. Roses [add]
03. Bathsheba Blues [add]
04. Women Across the River [add]
05. Deeper Well [add]
06. If It Wasn't for the Wind [add]
07. If Love Was Illegal [add]
08. Titanic [add]
09. I'll Fall in Love Again [add]
10. Message to Garcia/Soldier of Fortune [add]
11. 1917 [add]
12. If I'd Have Known I Couldn't Do It [add]
13. Barrymore Remembers [add]
14. Solid Gone [add]

Border Crossing (2003) 01. Running from Love [add]
02. Blue Days, Black Nights [add]
03. Message to Garcia [add]
04. Little Bit of Poison [add]
05. Wait Here for the Cops [add]
06. Two Kinds of Love [add]
07. Sister Angelina [add]
08. Theresa Maria [add]
09. Latin Lover [add]
10. I Love My Wife Blues [add]
11. What Would I Do Without Your Love [add]
12. Barcelona [add]
13. Old John [add]
14. Love's Been Linked to the Blues [#/*] [add]
15. Deeper Well [#/*] [add]

The Wheel (2003) 01. Wheels [add]
02. Big Cadillac [add]
03. Voices on the Water [add]
04. Chained and Bound to the Wheel [add]
05. Stars [add]
06. Now and Forever [add]
07. God Shaped Hole [add]
08. Revolution [add]
09. Now I Start [add]
10. Stonewall [add]
11. Boss Don't Shoot No Dice [add]
12. Precious Time, Precious Love [add]
13. The Girl I Love [add]
14. All the Love in the World [add]
15. Round [add]

Migration (2005) 01. The Song [add]
02. Speak Memory [add]
03. Lenora [add]
04. No One Knows What Love Is [add]
05. My Lovely Assistant [add]
06. Light from Carolina [add]
07. All the Same to Me [add]
08. Ace of Spade Blues [add]
09. Oh Lord [add]
10. Birds [add]
11. Upside Down [add]

One Tough Town (2007) 01. Whistle Blow [add]
02. Sweet Poison [add]
03. Who's the Dummy Now? [add]
04. Little Mustang [add]
05. No Lies [add]
06. Oh Yeah (Dead Man's Shoes) [add]
07. Snake Song [add]
08. Panama City [add]
09. Sweet Potato [add]
10. See How the Mighty Have Fallen [add]
11. One Tough Town [add]
12. Postcard from Mexico [add]
13. Rainbow's End [add]

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