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Megon McDonough lyrics
Genre: Folk
Sketches (0000) 01. You've Turned My Head Around [add]
02. Empty Spaces [add]
03. Do Me Wrong, But Do Me [add]
04. Mirror [add]
05. What Am I Gonna Do? [add]
06. One Woman [add]
07. Delta Shelter [add]
08. No Southern Man [add]
09. Jesus Children of America [add]
10. Rainmaker [add]
11. Coming on Strong [add]

In the Megan Manner (1971) 01. Pocketful [add]
02. Vintage [add]
03. Part I [add]
04. Kevin Jane [add]
05. Guitar Picker [add]
06. Part II [add]
07. Peacemakers [add]
08. Room and Board [add]
09. Part III [add]
10. Stay in Touch [add]
11. Comin' Down Easy [add]
12. On the Shores of Your Tomorrow [add]
13. Don't Worry Mama [add]
14. Song Without a Story [add]
15. Next [add]

Megan Music (1972) 01. Lady in Love [add]
02. Second Avenues [add]
03. No Return [add]
04. Eulogy for a Rock & Roll Band [add]
05. California Cowboy [add]
06. Dark Cafes [add]
07. Broken Guitar [add]
08. All Time Heartbreak [add]
09. Let Me Sing the Blues [add]
10. Dirty Dishes [add]
11. Words All Around [add]

Keepsake (1973) 01. Love Comes and Love Goes [add]
02. Texas Motel [add]
03. Hold On [add]
04. Daddy Always Like a Lady [add]
05. Stars [add]
06. Wishing for You [add]
07. Where Do I Go from Here? [add]
08. Chances "R" [add]
09. Angry Eyes [add]
10. Not the Same Woman [add]

American Girl (1990) 01. American Girl [add]
02. Painless Love [add]
03. I'm Looking Through You [add]
04. If Love Id a Dream [add]
05. Soon Enough [add]
06. River of Wishes [add]
07. But Not Tonight [add]
08. Dreams of Deep Water [add]
09. Big Blue River [add]
10. Luck of the Rodeo [add]

Blue Star Highway (1993) 01. Blue Star Highway [add]
02. A Woman's Got Her Pride [add]
03. Boots to Glory [add]
04. Denvir [add]
05. The Tree [add]
06. House of Mannequins [add]
07. Never Just One Reason [add]
08. Lesson in Every Goodbye [add]
09. The Body Is a Car [add]
10. Danny Boy [add]

My One & Only Love (1996) 01. That's All [add]
02. Embraceable You [add]
03. Piano Improv [add]
04. I Remember [add]
05. When I Take My Sugar to Tea [add]
06. Here's That Rainy Day [add]
07. I Like You, You're Nice [add]
08. Bass Improv [add]
09. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You [add]
10. You Taught My Heart to Sing [add]
11. My One and Only Love [add]
12. If I Had You [add]
13. Horn Improv [add]
14. A Time for Love [add]
15. Losing My Mind [add]
16. Drum Improv [add]
17. It's a Wonderful World [add]

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