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Michael Martin Murphey lyrics
Genre: Country
Geronimo's Cadillac (1972) 01. Geronimo's Cadillac [add]
02. Natchez Trace [add]
03. Calico Silver [add]
04. Harbor for My Soul [add]
05. Rainbow Man [add]
06. Waking Up [add]
07. Crack Up in Las Cruces [add]
08. Boy from the Country [add]
09. What Am I Doin' Hangin' Around? [add]
10. Michael Angelo's Blues (Song for Hogman) [add]
11. Backslider's Wine [add]
12. The Lights of the City [add]

Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir (1973) 01. Cosmic Cowboy, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Alleys of Austin [add]
03. South Canadian River Song [add]
04. Blessing in Disguise [add]
05. Temperature Train [add]
06. Drunken Lady of the Morning [add]
07. Prometheus Busted [add]
08. Honolulu [add]
09. Rolling Hills [add]

Michael Murphey (1973) 01. Nobody's Gonna Tell Me How to Play My Music [add]
02. Healing Springs [add]
03. Rye by-The-Sea [add]
04. You Can Only Say So Much [add]
05. Observer [add]
06. Holy Roller [add]
07. Good Ol' Natural Habits [add]
08. Fort Worth I Love You lyrics
09. Ace in the Hole [add]
10. Southwestern Pilgrimage [add]

Blue Sky - Night Thunder (1975) 01. Wildfire lyrics
02. Carolina in the Pines [add]
03. Desert Rat [add]
04. Wild Bird [add]
05. Blue Sky Riding Song [add]
06. Medicine Man [add]
07. Secret Mountain Hideout [add]
08. Without My Lady There [add]
09. Night Thunder [add]
10. Rings of Life [add]

Flowing Free Forever (1976) 01. Flowing Free Forever [add]
02. A North Wind and a New Moon [add]
03. Cherokee Fiddle [add]
04. See How All the Horses Come Dancing [add]
05. Yellow House [add]
06. Changing Woman [add]
07. High Country Caravan (Aka Song for Steven Stills) [add]
08. Running Wide Open [add]
09. Our Lady of Santa Fe [add]
10. The Wandering Minstrel [add]

Swans Against the Sun (1976) 01. Swans Against the Sun [add]
02. Renegade [add]
03. Rhythm of the Road [add]
04. Pink Lady [add]
05. Mansion on the Hill [add]
06. Dancing in the Meadow [add]
07. Temple of the Sun [add]
08. Buffalo Gun [add]
09. Wild West Show [add]
10. Natural Bridges [add]
11. Seasons Change [add]

Lone Wolf (1978) 01. Nothing Is Your Own [add]
02. Paradise Tonight [add]
03. No Man's Land [add]
04. Loners [add]
05. Song Dog [add]
06. Arrows in the Darkness [add]
07. Hard to Live Together [add]
08. Night Patrol [add]
09. Loving Time [add]
10. Song Dog [add]

Peaks, Valleys, Honky Tonks & Alleys (1979) 01. Cosmic Cowboy/Cosmic Breakdown [add]
02. Another Cheap Western/Western Movies [add]
03. Years Behind Bars [add]
04. Backslider's Wine [add]
05. Geronimo's Cadillac [add]
06. South Coast [add]
07. Chain Gang [add]
08. Once a Drifter [add]
09. Texas Morning [add]
10. Lightning [add]

Michael Martin Murphey (1982) 01. Still Takin' Chances [add]
02. Two Step Is Easy [add]
03. What's Forever for [add]
04. Take It Like a Man [add]
05. First Taste of Freedom [add]
06. Love Affairs [add]
07. Ring of Truth [add]
08. Crystal [add]
09. Lost River [add]
10. Hearts in the Right Place [add]

The Heart Never Lies (1983) 01. Will It Be Love by Morning [add]
02. Don't Count the Rainy Days [add]
03. Disenchanted [add]
04. Goodbye Money Mountain [add]
05. Radio Land [add]
06. Maybe This Time [add]
07. Showdown [add]
08. Scared Heart [add]
09. Crazy Blue [add]
10. Heart Never Lies [add]

Tonight We Ride (1986) 01. Tonight We Ride lyrics
02. Rollin' Nowhere lyrics
03. Innocent Hearts lyrics
04. Close to My Heart lyrics
05. Face to Face With the Night [add]
06. Building Bridges [add]
07. Fiddlin' Man [add]
08. I'll Break Out Again Tonight [add]
09. The One That Got Away lyrics
10. Sante Fe Cantina [add]
11. Ghost Town (Message from the Ghost Ranch) [add]

Americana (1987) 01. A Face in the Crowd [add]
02. A Long Line of Love [add]
03. Once Upon a Time [add]
04. Out of Touch [add]
05. Almost Free [add]
06. Worlds Apart [add]
07. No One Else But You [add]
08. You're History [add]
09. My Darling Wherever You Are [add]
10. I'm Never Gonna Let You Go [add]

River of Time (1988) 01. From the Word Go [add]
02. Talkin' to the Wrong Man [add]
03. River of Time [add]
04. Vanishing Breed [add]
05. Pilgrims on the Way (Matthew's Song) [add]
06. The Running Blood [add]
07. Children of the Wild World [add]
08. (I'm Gonna) Miss You Girl [add]
09. What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round? [add]
10. Still Got the Fire [add]

Land of Enchantment (1989) 01. Never Givin' up on Love [add]
02. Got to Pay the Fiddler [add]
03. Route 66 [add]
04. Land of Enchantment [add]
05. Jukebox [add]
06. Woodsmoke in the Wind [add]
07. The Heart Knows the Truth [add]
08. Land of the Navajo [add]
09. Desperation Road [add]
10. Family Tree [add]

Cowboy Songs (1990) 01. Cowboy Logic [add]
02. I Ride an Old Paint/Whoopee Ti-Yi-Yo, Git Along Little Doggies [add]
03. Tumbling Tumbleweeds [add]
04. Tying Knots in the Devil's Tail [add]
05. The Old Chisholm Trail [add]
06. Home on the Range [add]
07. What Am I Doing Here [add]
08. Wild Ripplin' Waters [add]
09. The Yellow Rose of Texas [add]
10. Spanish Is the Lovin' Tongue [add]
11. Cowboy Pride [add]
12. Red River Valley [add]
13. Let the Cowboy Dance [add]
14. Jack of Diamonds [add]
15. Texas Rangers [add]
16. When the Work's All Done This Fall [add]
17. The Streets of Laredo [add]
18. O Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie [add]
19. Where Do Cowboys Go When They Die/Reincarnation [add]
20. Goodbye Old Paint [add]
21. Happy Trails [add]

Cowboy Christmas (1991) 01. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day/Old Time Christmas [add]
02. Jolly Old St. Nicholas/The Christmas Letter [add]
03. The Creak of the Leather [add]
04. Christmas on the Line (The Line Rider's Christmas) [add]
05. Sleigh Ride/Jingle Bells [add]
06. The Christmas Trail [add]
07. Merry Texas Christmas You All! [add]
08. Ridin' Home on Christmas Eve [add]
09. Corn, Water and Wood [add]
10. The Cowboy Christmas Ball [add]
11. Polka Medley: Good King Wenceslas/Under the Double Eagle/Redwing/G ... [add]
12. Christmas Cowboy Style [add]
13. The Santa Claus Schottische: Up on the House Top/The Sweetheart ... [add]
14. Two-Step 'Round the Christmas Tree [add]
15. Two Step Medley: Cotton-Eyed Joe/Deck the Halls/Buffallo ... [add]
16. Log Cabin Home in the Sky [add]
17. Waltz Medley: O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum)/Put Your Little Foot ... [add]
18. Pearls in the Snow [add]
19. Good Night Ladies/Auld Lang Syne/The Christmas Dance [add]

Cowboy Songs III (1993) 01. Big Iron [add]
02. Rhymes of the Renegades [add]
03. Riders in the Sky [add]
04. El Paso [add]
05. Sonora's Death Row [add]
06. Ballad of Billy the Kid [add]
07. Billy Gray [add]
08. Roses and Thorns [add]
09. Strawberry Roan [add]
10. The Wild West Is Gonna Get Wilder [add]
11. The Ballad of Jesse James [add]
12. Frank James' Farewell [add]
13. Cole Younger [add]
14. Belle Star [add]
15. Queen of Heartaches [add]
16. Sam Bass [add]
17. Birmingham Jail [add]

America's Horses (1995) 01. Tennessee Stud [add]
02. Running Shadow [add]
03. Ponies [add]
04. Wildfire lyrics
05. Running Blood lyrics
06. See How All the Horses Come [add]
07. Palomino Days [add]
08. Run for the Roses [add]
09. Pony Man [add]
10. Quarter Horse Rider (America's Horse) [add]

Sagebrush Symphony [live] (1995) 01. Sounds of the Range [add]
02. Cowboy Overture [add]
03. Cowboy Logic [add]
04. The Old Chisholm Trail [add]
05. Down in the Valley [add]
06. Red River Valley [add]
07. Tumbling Tumbleweeds [add]
08. Cool Water [add]
09. Timber Trail [add]
10. Back in the Saddle Again [add]
11. I'm a Happy Cowboy [add]
12. Texas to a "T" [add]
13. Storm on the Prairie [add]
14. Riders in the Sky [add]
15. Wildfire lyrics
16. Wind Message [add]
17. Geronimo's Cadillac [add]
18. Adobe Walls [add]
19. Yellow Rose of Texas [add]
20. San Antonio Rose [add]
21. Happy Trails [add]

Horse Legends (1997) 01. Tennessee Stud [add]
02. Running Shadow [add]
03. Ponies [add]
04. Wildfire lyrics
05. The Running Blood [add]
06. See How All the Horses Come Dancing [add]
07. Palomino Days [add]
08. Run for the Roses [add]
09. The Pony Man [add]
10. Quarter Horse Rider (America's Horse) [add]

Cowboy Songs Four (1998) 01. Song from Lonesome Dove [add]
02. Trail Song Medley: Colorado Trail/Twilight on the Trail/Along the ... [add]
03. Born to Be a Cowboy [add]
04. Farther Down the Line [add]
05. Born to Buck Bad Luck [add]
06. Easy on the Pain [add]
07. Utah Carroll [add]
08. Freewheeler [add]
09. Rangeland Rebel [add]
10. Run Toward the Light [add]
11. The Bunkhouse Orchestra [add]
12. Little Joe, the Wrangler [add]
13. Summer Ranges [add]
14. Old Horse [add]
15. Night Hawk [add]

Acoustic Christmas Carols (1999) 01. Home Sweet Home [add]
02. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
03. The First No?l [add]
04. In the Bleak Midwinter [add]
05. Twas in the Moon of Wintertime (Huron Carole) [add]
06. Away in a Manger [add]
07. Joy to the World [add]
08. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear [add]
09. We Three Kings [add]
10. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
11. Silent Night [add]
12. What Child Is This? [add]
13. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day [add]
14. Home Sweet Home (Reprise) [add]

Playing Favorites (2001) 01. Carolina in the Pines [add]
02. Adobe Walls [add]
03. Cherokee Fiddle [add]
04. Long Line of Love [add]
05. All the Dancing Horses [add]
06. Fiddlin' Man [add]
07. Cowboy Logic [add]
08. I'm Gonna Miss You Girl lyrics
09. From the Word Go [add]
10. Geronimo's Cadillac [add]
11. What's Forever For lyrics
12. Wildfire lyrics

Cowboy Classics: Playing Favorites II (2002) 01. I Ride an Old Paint [add]
02. Whoopie Ti-Ti-Yo [add]
03. The Old Chisolm Trail [add]
04. Strawberry Roan [add]
05. Red River Valley [add]
06. Little Joe the Wrangler [add]
07. The Colorado Trail [add]
08. Tying Knots in the Devil's Tail [add]
09. When the Work's All Done This Fall [add]
10. The Yellow Rose of Texas [add]
11. Utah Carroll [add]
12. The Streets of Laredo [add]
13. I Ride an Old Paint (Reprise) [add]

Live at Billy Bob's (2004) 01. Southwestern Pilgrimage [add]
02. Alleys of Austin [add]
03. Carolina in the Pine [add]
04. Cherokee Fiddle [add]
05. Long Line of Love [add]
06. What's Forever For lyrics
07. Geronimo's Cadillac [add]
08. Running Shadow [add]
09. Cowboy Logic [add]
10. Born to Be a Cowboy [add]
11. Big Iron [add]
12. Wildfire lyrics
13. Brothers Under the Sun [add]
14. Blue Sky Riding Song [add]

Heartland Cowboy: Cowboy Songs, Vol. 5 (2006) 01. Free Rein (Jessica's Song) [add]
02. Close to the Land [America's Heartland Theme] [add]
03. The Wheel Comes Around (Morgan's Song) [add]
04. Dry Lightning [add]
05. Out of Line (Karen's Song) [add]
06. Long and Lonesome Ride to Dalhart [add]
07. Storm Over the Rangeland (The Ballad of Kit Laney) [add]
08. Ride out the Storm [add]
09. Bluebonnets [add]
10. My Country Under God (Sarah's Song) [add]
11. America's Heartland (Reprise)/Simple Gifts [add]

The Cowboy Christmas Gift Set [live] (2006) 01. Home Sweet Home [add]
02. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
03. In the Bleak Midwinter [add]
04. 'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime (Huron Carole) [add]
05. Away in a Manger [add]
06. Joy to the World [add]
07. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear [add]
08. We Three Kings [add]
09. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
10. Silent Night [add]
11. What Child Is This [add]
12. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day [add]
13. Riding Home on Christmas Eve [DVD] [add]
14. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day [DVD] [add]
15. Old Time Christmas [DVD] [add]
16. What Does Cowboy Have to Do with Christmas? [DVD] [add]
17. The Cowboys' Christmas Ball [multimedia track] [add]
18. Christmas Cowboy Style [DVD] [add]
19. Two-Step Round the Christmas Tree [DVD] [add]
20. Long Line of Love [DVD] [add]
21. Grandpa's Christmas/My First Horse/Old Horse [DVD] [add]
22. Wildfire [DVD] [add]
23. Running Shadow [DVD] [add]
24. Draggin' in the Tree [DVD] [add]
25. Log Cabin Home in the Sky [DVD] [add]
26. David Coe's Celtic Christmas Medley [DVD] [add]
27. Cowboy Logic [DVD] [add]
28. The Cowboy's Night Before Christmas [DVD] [add]
29. Corn Water and Wood [DVD] [add]
30. In the Moon of Wintertime (The Huron Carol) [DVD] [add]
31. The Cowboy's Christmas Prayer [DVD] [add]
32. Joy to the World [DVD] [add]
33. Creak of the Leather [DVD] [add]
34. Christmas on the Line [add]
35. (Poem) All American Christmas [DVD] [add]
36. Cowboy Christmas Ball/Old Time Christmas (Reprise) [DVD] [add]
37. The Christmas Trail [DVD] [add]
38. Merry Texas (Oklahoma) Christmas You All [DVD] [add]
39. The Kill Pen [DVD] [add]

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