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Matmos lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Matmos (1997) 01. It Seems [add]
02. Plastic Minor [add]
03. ...And Silver Light Popped in His Eyes [add]
04. Lunaire [add]
05. This Is... [add]
06. Three Guitar Lessons [add]
07. Office Furniture (After Evidence) [add]
08. Electric Things [add]
09. Verber: Amplified Synapse [add]
10. Nugent Sand [add]
11. Schluss [add]

Quasi-Objects (1998) 01. Stupid Fambaloo [add]
02. Cloth Mother/Wire Mother [add]
03. Lift up Your Hat [add]
04. Always Three Words [add]
05. The Banjo's Categorical Gut [add]
06. The Purple Island [add]
07. Latex [add]

The West (1999) 01. Last Delicious Cigarette [add]
02. Action at a Distance [add]
03. Sun on 5 at 152 [add]
04. The West [add]
05. Tonight, the End [add]

A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure (2001) 01. Lipostudio...And So On [add]
02. L.A.S.I.K. [add]
03. Spondee [add]
04. Ur Tchun Tan Tse Qi [add]
05. For Felix (And All the Rats) [add]
06. Memento Mori [add]
07. California Rhinoplasty [add]

The Civil War (2003) 01. Regicide [add]
02. Zealous Order of Candied Knights [add]
03. Reconstruction [add]
04. Y.T.T.E. (Yield to Total Elation) [add]
05. For the Trees [add]
06. The Stars and Stripes Forever [add]
07. Pelt and Holler [add]
08. The Struggle Against Unreality Begins [add]
09. For the Trees (Return) [add]

Rat Relocation Program (2004) 01. Rat [add]
02. Rat Relocation [add]

The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast (2006) 01. Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein [add]
02. Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan [add]
03. Tract for Valerie Solanas [add]
04. Public Sex for Boyd McDonald [add]
05. Semen Song for James Bidgood [add]
06. Snails and Lasers for Patricia Highsmith [add]
07. Germs Burn for Darby Crash [add]
08. Solo Buttons for Joe Meek [add]
09. Rag for William S. Burroughs [add]
10. Banquet for King Ludwig II of Bavaria [add]

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