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Genre: Rock
Fourth Degree Burns (0000) 01. You Got Livin' [add]
02. Purple Haze [add]
03. World Anthem [add]
04. Tales of the Unexpected [add]

Power of Rock 'n' Roll (1981) 01. The Power of Rock and Roll [add]
02. Play My Music [add]
03. Stay With Me [add]
04. Runnin' Wild [add]
05. Crazy Miss Daisy [add]
06. Go Strange [add]
07. Younger Man [add]
08. Ain't Dead Yet [add]

Juggernaut (1982) 01. Strange Dreams [add]
02. Midnight Highway [add]
03. Memories of a Hero [add]
04. Free [add]
05. Maybe It's Time [add]
06. Ditch Queen [add]
07. For Your Love [add]
08. Juggernaut [add]

Full Circle (1986) 01. Breakin' Away [add]
02. Imagine [add]
03. When Love Is Lost [add]
04. Razor's Edge [add]
05. Hang On [add]
06. Full Circle [add]
07. Long Ago [add]
08. Had Enough [add]
09. Genesis [add]

Double Live (1988) 01. You Got Livin' [add]
02. Midnight Highway [add]
03. Free [add]
04. Poppy [add]
05. Roadhouse Blues [add]
06. Who Do Ya Love [add]
07. Guitar Prelude [add]
08. Electric Reflections Revisited [add]
09. Sky Smphony to a Little Woman [add]
10. Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame [add]
11. Juggernaut [add]
12. Strange Dreams [add]

From the Hip (1993) 01. Babylon Revisited [add]
02. I'm Ready [add]
03. How Long [add]
04. Rise Above [add]
05. Mine All Mine [add]
06. Ride My Own Wave [add]
07. Stand [add]
08. The Wall Came Down [add]

Maxoom (1994) 01. Maxoom [add]
02. Buddy [add]
03. Magic Man [add]
04. Funky Woman [add]
05. Madness [add]
06. All in Your Mind [add]
07. Blues [add]
08. Boardwalk Lady [add]
09. Back on Home [add]
10. New Beginning [add]

Eye of the Storm (2001) 01. Storm Warning... [add]
02. Eye of the Storm [add]
03. He's Calling [add]
04. Learned My Lesson Well [add]
05. Heat of the Moment [add]
06. Window to the World [add]
07. Since You Came into My Life [add]
08. Avalon [add]
09. Ordinary Man [add]

Real Live (2004) 01. Voodoo Chile [add]
02. ...Something's Comin' Our Way (Excerpt) [add]
03. He's Calling [add]
04. Red House [add]
05. Guitar Prelude to a Hero [add]
06. ...Stories of a Hero [add]
07. Poppy [add]
08. ...She's Not There [add]
09. ...Crossroads [add]
10. ...She's Not There (Return) [add]
11. ...Poppy (Return) [add]
12. Let There Be [add]
13. ...Strange Universe [add]
14. ...Ode to Creation [add]
15. ...Strange Universe [add]
16. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [add]
17. ...Ain't Dead Yet [add]
18. ...Slippin' and Slidin' [add]
19. ...Back to the Hall [add]
20. ...Two 'N' Four (Just Joshin') [add]
21. Avalon [add]
22. ...Rumble 'N' Roll (For Pete's Sake) [add]
23. ...Jazzed a Moment [add]
24. ...Tales of the Unexpected [add]
25. ...Return to Avalon [add]
26. Rattle of Sabres [add]
27. Electric Reflections of War [add]
28. ...Aftermath [add]
29. ...the World Anthem [add]
30. ...A Prayer for Peace [add]
31. Over the Rainbow [add]
32. Try for Freedom [add]

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