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Genre: Country
Songs of Rodeo Life (1971) 01. Copenhagen lyrics
02. Rodeo Life lyrics
03. Ain't No Place for a Country Boy [add]
04. Bareback Jack lyrics
05. Colorado lyrics
06. Riverboat Gambler lyrics
07. New Breed [add]
08. Hometown Cowboy lyrics
09. Bull Rider lyrics
10. Mountain Wild [add]
11. Them Bareback Horses lyrics

Rodeo & Living Free (1974) 01. Fourth of July Rodeos [add]
02. Horses and Cattle [add]
03. Fine as Wine [add]
04. Tie a Knot in the Devil's Tail [add]
05. The Bucking Machine [add]
06. The Winner [add]
07. Painted Ladies [add]
08. Willie, the Wandering Gypsy [add]
09. Cowboy in the Continental Suit [add]
10. Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons [add]

Life as a Rodeo Man (1975) 01. Rusty Spurs lyrics
02. Amarillo by Morning [add]
03. Time lyrics
04. Born to Follow Rodeo [add]
05. Caballo Diablo lyrics
06. Wyoming Girl lyrics
07. I'm Country lyrics
08. Rhinestone Cowboy [add]
09. Long Black Veil lyrics
10. Rodeo Rose lyrics
11. All Around Cowboy of '64 [add]
12. John Ed Sang Cowpoke lyrics

Sing Me a Song Mr. Rodeo Man (1977) 01. The Yellow Stud [add]
02. All Around Cowboy lyrics
03. Lawman Reverend [add]
04. Our First Year lyrics
05. Grange Hall Dance lyrics
06. Billy the Kid [add]
07. Daddy's Biggest Dream lyrics
08. Silver-Tongued Devil [add]
09. Rodeo Fan [add]
10. Bad Brahma Bull [add]

Western Tunesmith (1980) 01. Country Star lyrics
02. Ten Seconds in the Saddle [add]
03. Cowboy and the Rose [add]
04. Old Paint [add]
05. Dream on Cowboy [add]
06. Dirt and Sweat Cowboy [add]
07. Navajo Wrangler lyrics
08. Jeans and Good Leather [add]
09. Come Riding Joe Cy [add]
10. Get Along Little Doggies lyrics
11. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys lyrics
12. I Don't Want to Be a Cowboy Anymore [add]

Used to Want to Be a Cowboy (1982) 01. (I Used to Want to Be A) Cowboy [add]
02. The Lights of Amarillo [add]
03. This Cowboy's Hat lyrics
04. Hobo Dreams [add]
05. The Last Cowboy in Town [add]
06. You Bring Out the Beast in Me [add]
07. He's a Tryer [add]
08. Desperado [add]
09. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues [add]
10. Busted [add]
11. Red Headed Stranger [add]

Old Cowboy Classics (1983) 01. The Blizzard [add]
02. Night Rider's Lament lyrics
03. Bad Brahma Bull [add]
04. Little Joe, the Wrangler [add]
05. Ballad of Will Rodgers [add]
06. Old Paint [add]
07. Tennessee Stud lyrics
08. Strawberry Roan lyrics
09. Tie a Knot in the Devil's Tail [add]
10. Get Along Little Doggies lyrics

Melodies & Memories (1984) 01. I Can't Ride the Broncs Anymore [add]
02. Melodies and Memories [add]
03. Even Cowboys Like a Little Rock & Roll [add]
04. Something in the Wind [add]
05. Copenhagen Junkie lyrics
06. Working Cowboy Blues lyrics
07. The Wild Bunch Rides Again [add]
08. The Rodeo Hand [add]
09. The Feeling Comes Back [add]
10. God Must Be a Cowboy [add]

Powder River (1990) 01. Sons of the Pioneers [add]
02. Johnson County War lyrics
03. Homegrown Western Saturday Night [add]
04. Rainbow Rider lyrics
05. Hard Times lyrics
06. The Lady Is Dancing With Me lyrics
07. Song of the Yukon Rose [add]
08. Blue Bonnet Blues lyrics
09. I've Got to Be a Rodeo Man [add]
10. Lone Ranger (William Tell Overture) [add]

Western Underground (1991) 01. County Fair lyrics
02. Riding for a Fall [add]
03. Thank the Cowboy for the Ride [add]
04. Cadillac Cowboy lyrics
05. This Cowboy's Hat lyrics
06. Shot Full of Love [add]
07. The Last Drive-In [add]
08. Yellow Brick Road Turns Blue lyrics
09. Settin' the Woods on Fire [add]
10. Workin' Man's Dollar lyrics

Chris Ledoux & the Saddle Boogie Band (1991) 01. Seventeen lyrics
02. Hooked on an 8 Second Ride [add]
03. Cadillac Cowboy lyrics
04. Sweet Wyoming Home lyrics
05. Homecoming lyrics
06. Look at You Girl [add]
07. Searching for a Rainbow [add]
08. Chris and the Saddle Boogie Band [add]
09. Call of the Wild [add]
10. Utah Tribute lyrics
11. Night Rider's Lament lyrics
12. Cowboys Like a Little Rock and Roll [add]

Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy (1992) 01. Call of the Wild [add]
02. You Just Can't See Him from the Road [add]
03. Little Long-Haired Outlaw lyrics
04. Making Ends Meet lyrics
05. What'cha Gonna Do With a Cowboy? [add]
06. Hooked on an 8 Second Ride [add]
07. I'm Ready If You're Willing lyrics
08. Look at You Girl [add]
09. Cadillac Ranch lyrics
10. Western Skies lyrics

Under This Old Hat (1993) 01. Under This Old Hat lyrics
02. Get Back on That Pony [add]
03. Every Time I Roll the Dice [add]
04. Strugglin' Years [add]
05. Even Cowboys Like a Little Rock & Roll [add]
06. She's Tough lyrics
07. Soft Place to Fall [add]
08. For Your Love lyrics
09. Wild and Wooly [add]
10. Powder River Home lyrics
11. Cadillac Ranch [Dance Club Version] [add]

Haywire (1994) 01. Honky Tonk World lyrics
02. Dallas Days and Fort Worth Nights [add]
03. Tougher Than the Rest [add]
04. Big Love lyrics
05. Love Needs a Fool [add]
06. Slow Down lyrics
07. Sons of the Pioneers [add]
08. Billy the Kid [add]
09. Hairtrigger Colts . 44 [add]
10. Light of the World [add]

Stampede (1996) 01. Gravitational Pull lyrics
02. Five Dollar Fine lyrics
03. Now That's All Right With Me lyrics
04. Take Me to the Rodeo [add]
05. Fathers and Sons [add]
06. I'll Get the Job Done [add]
07. Stampede lyrics
08. When I Say Forever lyrics
09. Calico Moon [add]
10. That's What Loving You Means to Me [add]

Live (1997) 01. Take Me to the Rodeo [add]
02. County Fair lyrics
03. Wild and Wooly [add]
04. Cadillac Ranch lyrics
05. What'cha Gonna Do With a Cowboy? [add]
06. Riding for a Fall [add]
07. Copenhagen lyrics
08. Copenhagen Angel lyrics
09. Bareback Jack lyrics
10. This Cowboy's Hat lyrics
11. Gravitational Pull lyrics
12. Honky Tonk World lyrics
13. Hooked on an 8 Second Ride [add]
14. Cadillac Cowboy lyrics
15. For Your Love lyrics
16. You Just Can't See Him from the Road [add]
17. Little Long-Haired Outlaw lyrics

One Road Man (1998) 01. One Tonight [add]
02. Runaway Love lyrics
03. The Borderline [add]
04. Old Paint [add]
05. The Fever [add]
06. Bang a Drum [add]
07. Ole Slew Foot lyrics
08. One Ride in Vegas [add]
09. Sometimes You've Just Gotta Ride [add]
10. Life Is a Highway [add]
11. Caballo Diablo lyrics
12. One Road Man [add]

Cowboy (2000) 01. He Rides the Wild Horses [add]
02. Silence on the Line [add]
03. Ten Seconds in the Saddle [add]
04. Our First Year lyrics
05. I'm Country lyrics
06. Blue Eyes and Freckles [add]
07. Hippies in Calgary lyrics
08. A Cowboy's Got to Ride [add]
09. The Yellow Stud [add]
10. Running Through the Rain [add]
11. Song of Whyoming [add]

After the Storm (2002) 01. Some Things Never Change lyrics
02. Millionaire [add]
03. Don't It Make You Want to Dance [add]
04. Daily Bread [add]
05. I Don't Want to Mention Any Names [add]
06. I Would for You [add]
07. Cowboy Up lyrics
08. Scatter the Ashes [add]
09. What I'm Up Against [add]
10. Simple as Dirt [add]
11. Bareback Jack lyrics

Horsepower (2003) 01. Horsepower lyrics
02. One Less Tornado [add]
03. All Wound Up [add]
04. A Cowboy Was Born [add]
05. Smack Dab in the Middle [add]
06. The Buffalo Grass [add]
07. Feels Like I'm Gettin' into Something Good [add]
08. The Ride [add]
09. Rodeo Moon [add]
10. Between the Rainbows and the Rain [add]
11. Pass My Hat [add]
12. Blue Bonnet Blues lyrics

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