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Ghetto Twiinz lyrics
Genre: Rap
Surrounded by Criminals (1996) 01. Surrounded (Intro) [add]
02. Sho No Luv [add]
03. Let's Get This Shit STR-8 [add]
04. So Hard to Say Goodbye [add]
05. Got It on My Mind [add]
06. Mamma's Hurtin' [add]
07. Die Nigga, Die [add]
08. I'ma Do U N [add]
09. Lil' Shorty (Commercial) [add]
10. Four Treats in One [add]
11. I Ain't Dyin', I Ain't Lyin' [add]
12. Mamma's Hurtin' [*] [add]
13. Die Nigga, Die [*] [add]

In That Water (1997) 01. Sho No Love [add]
02. Play on Playa [add]
03. Take N Money [add]
04. Gangsta Shit [add]
05. Yeagie Yah [add]
06. Responsibility [add]
07. In That Water [add]
08. Mind Blowin' [add]
09. What a Way to Go [add]
10. Jealous Hoes [add]
11. Hold Up! [add]
12. Jump Jump! [add]
13. Mamma's Hurtin' [add]
14. All U Niggas [add]
15. Responsibility [Remix] [add]

No Pain No Gain (1998) 01. War (Intro) [add]
02. Soldier Song lyrics
03. Die "MF" Die [add]
04. A Mil Don't Make U Real [add]
05. No Sunshine [add]
06. No Pain, No Gain [add]
07. Smokin' Love [add]
08. Stop Playin' [add]
09. Got It on My Mind [add]
10. You Don't Wanna (Go to War) [add]
11. Gonna Be a Murda [add]
12. B's Jack Too [add]
13. Bout Dat Gangsta Gangsta [add]
14. Livin' Ghetto [add]
15. Responsibility [Remix] [add]
16. Small Time [Remix] [add]
17. Ms. Ghetto News/War (Outro) [add]

Got It on My Mind (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Gotta Get That Money [add]
03. Head Bustin [add]
04. Dumb Hoes, Fake Niggas [add]
05. N.W.A. [add]
06. Got It on My Mind [add]
07. Dukey Dukey F/Dirty [add]
08. Tell Me Who [add]
09. Rumble With the South [add]
10. It's So Hard [add]
11. Youza Soldier [add]
12. Feet Don't Fail Me Na [add]
13. Love Ya Baby [add]
14. Outtro (Skit) [add]
15. Gotta Get That $ [Radio Edit] [add]

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