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Hal Ketchum lyrics
Genre: Country
Threadbare Alibis (1988) 01. Twenty Years [add]
02. Someplace Far Away [add]
03. Sawmill Song [add]
04. Bobbie's Song [add]
05. Better Left Unsaid [add]
06. Morning Side of Dawn [add]
07. The Belgian Team [add]
08. Black Burning Air [add]
09. Came Down to Ride [add]
10. Naomi [add]

Past the Point of Rescue (1991) 01. Small Town Saturday Night lyrics
02. I Know Where Love Lives lyrics
03. Old Soldiers [add]
04. Somebody's Love lyrics
05. Past the Point of Rescue [add]
06. Five O'Clock World [add]
07. I Miss My Mary lyrics
08. Don't Strike a Match (To the Book of Love) [add]
09. Long Day Comin' lyrics
10. She Found the Place [add]

Sure Love (1992) 01. Sure Love lyrics
02. Mama Knows the Highway [add]
03. You Lovin' Me lyrics
04. Hearts Are Gonna Roll lyrics
05. Softer Than a Whisper [add]
06. Ghost Town lyrics
07. Daddy's Oldsmobile [add]
08. Till the Coast Is Clear [add]
09. Trail of Tears [add]
10. Someplace Far Away [add]

Every Little Word (1994) 01. (Tonight We Just Might) Fall in Love Again [add]
02. Every Little Word [add]
03. Swing Low lyrics
04. Another Day Gone [add]
05. That's What I Get for Losin' You [add]
06. Stay Forever lyrics
07. Walk Away [add]
08. Veil of Tears [add]
09. No Easy Road [add]
10. Drive On [add]

I Saw the Light (1998) 01. A Girl Like You [add]
02. I Saw the Light [add]
03. Tell Me [add]
04. Long Way Down [add]
05. When Love Looks Back at You [add]
06. Love Me, Love Me Not [add]
07. A Wave of Your Hand [add]
08. The Unforgiven [add]
09. Too Many Memories [add]
10. For Tonight [add]
11. You'll Never Hurt That Way Again [add]

Awaiting Redemption (1999) 01. Days of Wonder [add]
02. Long Way Down [add]
03. You Love Me, Love Me Not [add]
04. Too Many Memories [add]
05. Awaiting Redemption [add]
06. Slow Down Sunset [add]
07. Tell Me [add]
08. The Unforgiven [add]
09. When Blue Was Just a Color [add]
10. Turn of the Wheel [add]
11. Dear Anna Lee [add]
12. Lonely Old Me [add]

Lucky Man (2001) 01. (She's Something) You're Everything [add]
02. You Can't Go Back [add]
03. That's How Much You Mean to Me [add]
04. Loving You Makes Me a Better Man [add]
05. Don't Let Go [add]
06. Dreams of Martina [add]
07. She's Still in Dallas [add]
08. Two of the Lucky Ones (And Dolly Parton) [add]
09. Richest Man in Texas [add]
10. Livin' Life Lovin' You [add]
11. Keep Mom & Dad in Love (And Lisa Brokop) [add]
12. She Is [add]

The King of Love (2003) 01. Everytime I Look in Your Eyes [add]
02. Run Loretta Run [add]
03. As Long as You Love Me [add]
04. The King of Love [add]
05. On Her Own Time [add]
06. God Makes Stars [add]
07. The Ruby and the Rose [add]
08. Takin' My Time [add]
09. The Way She Loves Me [add]
10. The Carpenter's Way [add]
11. Evangeline [add]
12. Prisoner of Love [add]
13. Too Much of Nothing [add]
14. The Skies Over Dublin [add]
15. Angel Song [add]

One More Midnight (2007) 01. One More Midnight [add]
02. Just This Side of Heaven [add]
03. Travellin' Teardrop Blues [add]
04. Save Tonight for Me [add]
05. Gonna Start Livin' Again [add]
06. Alamo [add]
07. Poor Lila's Ghost [add]
08. My Love Will Not Change [add]
09. Forever Mine [add]
10. One of the Things [add]
11. The Moment [add]
12. Little Red Dress [add]
13. Medal of Honor [add]

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