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Omni Trio lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Music for the Next Millennium (1995) 01. Renegade Snares [Foul Play Vip Mix] [add]
02. Living for the Future [FBD Project VIP Mix] [add]
03. Rollin' Heights [More Strings Attached Mix] [add]
04. Mainline [95 Lick] [add]
05. Thru the Vibe [add]
06. Together [add]
07. Renegade Snares [Rob's Reconstruction Mix] [add]
08. Shadowplay [add]
09. Alien Creed [add]
10. Feel Good [Original in Demand Mix] [add]
11. Living for the Future [Original Mix] [add]
12. Soul Promenade [Nookie Remix] [add]

Haunted Science (1996) 01. Who Are You [Original 12 Mix] [add]
02. Astral Phase [add]
03. Rhythm Methods [add]
04. Haunted Kind [add]
05. Trippin' on Broken Beats [Carlito Mix] [add]
06. Who Are You [Aqua Sky Mix] [add]
07. The Elemental [add]
08. Serpent Navigators [add]
09. Trippin' on Broken Beats [alternate take] [add]
10. Nu Birth of Cool [Original 12 Mix] [add]
11. Soul of Darkness [add]

Skeleton Keys (1997) 01. Skeleton Keys [Omni Trio Remix] [add]
02. Silver [add]
03. Fire Island [add]
04. Ocean Driver [add]
05. Sanctuary [Remastered] [add]
06. Atomic State [add]
07. Red Rain [E-Coli Mix] [add]
08. Twin Town Karaoke [Guardians of Dalliance Remix] [add]
09. Trippin' V.I.P. [Remastered] [add]
10. Twin Town Karaoke [Origianal 12'' Mix] [add]
11. Sanctuary [Funky Technicians Remix] [add]

Byte Size Life (1999) 01. Sound System [add]
02. Byte Size Life [add]
03. Assassins [add]
04. Brothers in Detroit [add]
05. Meltdown [RMX] [add]
06. Revolver [add]
07. Native Place [add]
08. Beyond the Fundamental [add]
09. Radio Sirius [add]
10. Byte Size Life [Shimon RMX] [add]

Even Angels Cast Shadows (2001) 01. Breakbeat Etiquette [London Steppers Remix] [add]
02. Diffusion Loops [add]
03. Higher Ground [add]
04. First Contact [add]
05. A Little Rain Must Fall [add]
06. Nu Birth [Re-Lick] [add]
07. Artificial Life [Harp Tune] [add]
08. Lucid [add]
09. Kashmir [add]
10. Kinetic [add]

Volume 1993-2003 (2003) 01. Renegade Snares VIP [add]
02. Mystic Stepper [Feel Good Remix] [add]
03. Thru the Vibe [2 on 1 Mix] [add]
04. Tripping On Broken Beats VIP [add]
05. Who Are You [add]
06. Sanctuary [add]
07. Byte Size Life [add]
08. Revolver [add]
09. Nu-Birth [Re-Lick] [add]
10. Higher Ground [add]
11. Breakbeat Etiquitte [add]
12. Thru the Vibe [Bongo Beats Edit] [add]
13. Renegade Snares [Foul Play VIP Remix] [add]
14. Feel Better [Foul Play Remix] [add]
15. Rollin' Heights [More Strings Attached Mix] [add]
16. Living for the Future [add]
17. Soul Promenade [Nookie Remix] [add]
18. Soul of Darkness [add]
19. Together [VIP Mix] [add]
20. Red Rain [E-Coli Mix] [add]
21. Torn [add]
22. Tripping on Broken Beats [V.I. P Mix] [add]
23. Sanctuary [add]
24. First Contact [add]
25. Meltdown 2000 Remix [add]
26. Diffusion Loops [add]
27. Byte Size Life [add]
28. Revolver [add]
29. Secret Life [add]
30. Breakbeat Etiquette [London Steppers Remix] [add]
31. Nu Birth [Re-Luck] [add]
32. Penetration [add]
33. Thru the Vibe [John B Mix] [add]

Rogue Satellite (2004) 01. Night Train [add]
02. Rogue Satellite [Silent Storm Mix] [add]
03. High Noon [add]
04. Highland [add]
05. Universal [add]
06. Earth Song [add]
07. Less Than Zero [add]
08. Time [add]
09. Red Shift [add]
10. Suicide Loop [add]

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