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Eden Burning lyrics
Genre: Folk
Live at the Orange (0000) 01. Remember When [add]
02. Joust [add]
03. Jigs [add]
04. If I Go Up [add]
05. Forgive-Me-Not [add]
06. Song for an Unknown God [add]
07. Matty Groves [add]
08. My Senses Fly [add]
09. Hey Diddle Diddle [add]
10. Hold the Dream [add]
11. Polkas [add]
12. Jubilee [add]
13. Hem Me In lyrics
14. Bones [add]
15. Dependence Day [add]

Much More Than Near (0000) 01. Much More Than Near [add]
02. Midnight Sun [add]
03. Calling [add]
04. Underneath Are the Everlasting Arms [add]

Thin Walls (0000) 01. Help My Unbelief [add]
02. Thin Walls [add]
03. No Man's Land [add]
04. There Was a Time [add]
05. Where Did We Hide Him? [add]
06. Place I Live [add]
07. Do Not Be Afraid [add]
08. Things I Didn't Say [add]
09. Pictures Tell Lies [add]
10. Jericho Skies [add]
11. Waiting [add]

You Could Be the Meadow (0000) 01. You Could Be the Meadow [add]
02. Brontes, Alice and Me [add]
03. Forgive-Me-Not [add]
04. Matty Groves [add]

Be an Angel (1995) 01. Be an Angel [add]
02. Like in Minds [add]
03. Song for an Unknown God [add]
04. Hem Me In lyrics

Brink (1996) 01. Deep Blue Sea [add]
02. Movers and Shakers [add]
03. Stories [add]
04. Almost Spent [add]
05. Big Regret [add]
06. Desire Lines [add]
07. Another Country [add]
08. With a Kiss [add]
09. Wrap It Up [add]
10. Western Eyes [add]
11. Let Me Lose [add]

Mirth and Matter (1996) 01. Remember When [add]
02. Joust [add]
03. Me Comfort Still [add]
04. Sunrise (East of London) [add]
05. Six Months On lyrics
06. Hey Diddle Diddle [add]
07. Dependence Day [add]
08. Forgive-Me-Not [add]
09. Song for an Unknown God [add]
10. Hem Me In lyrics

Smilingly Home (1996) 01. There Was a Time [add]
02. Calling [add]
03. Much More Than Near [add]
04. Alec Murphy's [add]
05. Hold the Dream [add]
06. Medicine Bow [add]
07. Jigs and Hornpipe [add]
08. My Senses Fly [add]
09. Jubilee [add]
10. Place I Live [add]
11. If I Go Up [add]
12. Reel of Pickering Pick [add]
13. Working Out Tomorrow [add]
14. Midnight Sun [add]
15. Feel the Rain [add]

Vinegar and Brown Paper (1996) 01. My Senses Fly [add]
02. If I Go Up [add]
03. Reel of Pickering Pick [add]
04. Speak Easy [add]
05. Different Drum [add]
06. Weaver [add]
07. Feel the Rain [add]
08. Jubilee [add]
09. Simply Breathe [add]
10. Hold the Dream [add]
11. Little More [add]

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