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Genre: Electronica
Gigolo Cop (1997) 01. Influence of the Barbarian Invasions [live] [add]
02. Heat Compilation [live] [add]
03. Beeg Bore 18+04 [add]
04. Booty Bandit [live] [add]
05. 2nd Level Gnome Illusionist [live] [add]
06. Sweeps Week [live] [add]
07. R-8 State [live] [add]
08. Manndroid '77 [add]
09. Cyclical Flu Epidenic [add]
10. One Ambient Motherfucker [live] [add]
11. Advanced Manufacturing & Design [live] [add]
12. Fuck w/Me [live] [add]

Welcome to the American Experience (1998) 01. The Anal Retentive Last Stand [add]
02. Markus Popp Can Kiss My Redneck Ass [live] [add]
03. Powerlesser, Pt. 1 [add]
04. Spontaneous Drum 'N' Bass [live] [add]
05. 4th Level Dwarf Fighter [+3 Vorpal Mix] [add]
06. Phage [add]
07. Compund Fracture, for Starters [add]
08. Capital Wheeze [add]
09. Lesser's Shrimpjob Mach IV [add]
10. The Anal Retentive Last Stand (Tigerboy's "Keep on Giving up the the ...)" [add]

LSR/Kid 606 [Split CD] (1998) 01. Adios, Amen [add]
02. Produced by Giorgio Moroder [add]
03. Speed for Gavin ('94 Amf Cover) [add]
04. Sentence as Song Title. [add]
05. From: Ace Baby! To: Dad [add]
06. Kid (606); Mother (LSR) Approved [add]
07. Catch a Lucky Star [add]
08. People Can't Die [add]
09. Fuck off Sarah [add]
10. Catnap (...Speaking of People With Mental Disorders in TH ...) [add]
11. Shyness Is Golden [add]
12. It Hurte to Be Digital [add]
13. 606fix [add]
14. Hydrophycyclic [add]
15. Humting for Affection [add]
16. This Would Be a Lot Easier If I Was Happy (Dear J) [add]

Gearhound (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Matador Records Tax Deduction [add]
03. Soonerorlaterweallslipup [add]
04. For Irritant [add]
05. On the Kid's Tip [add]
06. Then [add]
07. Intuit Like an Innuit [Now w/ Instant Blectral Remix] [add]
08. The Gearhound Suite: Level 1-Lurker/Level 2-Chinstroker/Level 3-Tablegazer [add]
09. Cheeseburger Lady [add]
10. 40 Day Supply of Water [VST Free Mix] [add]
11. Voice O'Reason [add]
12. Was Live [add]
13. Obligatory Glitch Worship [add]
14. Hindu Shuffle and Force [add]
15. Deep Sixed in the Back Nine [add]
16. Decomposing Jockey [add]

Suppressive Acts 1-X (2003) 01. The Science of Pathology [add]
02. Young, Dumb, Full of Come and Destroying My Will to Live [add]
03. That Shit Might Fly in the Sticks [add]
04. Ancient Chinese Whack-Off Session [add]
05. Dandy in the Fedora [add]
06. Better Than Hawaii [add]
07. Crushing Your Repulsive Pince-Nez Underfoot [add]
08. Indicators and Indeces of Subjugation [add]
09. Who Is It: 6 Months in the Icebox [add]
10. Tasteful Rememberances Sculptured in Wax and Ashes [add]

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