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Dimitri from Paris lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Sacrebleu (1996) 01. Prologue [add]
02. Sacre Francais [add]
03. Monsieur Dimitri Joue du Stylophone [add]
04. Nothing to Lose [add]
05. Un Termede [add]
06. Reveries [Edit] [add]
07. Attente Musicale [add]
08. Dirty Larry [Crue-L Grand Orchestra Remix] [add]
09. Un Terlude [add]
10. Une Very Stylish Fille [add]
11. Love Love Mode [add]
12. Un Woman's Paradis [add]
13. Back in the Daze [add]
14. Le Moogy Reggae [add]
15. Encore un Terlude [add]
16. Un World Mysteriouse [add]
17. Par un Chemin Different [add]
18. Nothing to Lose [Lounge Instrumentale] [add]

Monsieur Dimitri's De-Luxe House of Funk (1997) 01. Free Ton Style [Monsieur D's Classique Extension] [add]
02. Free Lovin' [Original Mix] [add]
03. U Love My Music [add]
04. Number One [add]
05. May the Funk Be With You [add]
06. Captain Dobbey [add]
07. Visions of Paradise [add]
08. High Priestess [add]
09. Vibe PM [Masters at Work Crooklyn Dub] [add]
10. Ola-Le [Ashley Beedle's Sun Barrio Break Mix] [add]
11. Spy's Spice [Dims' Cosmic Jazz Dubstrumental] [add]
12. N' ssi N' ssi [Jamming the Casbah Mix] [add]
13. Sometimes [Monsieur D's Underground Behaviour Mix] [add]
14. Isobel [Dim's Enchanted Forest] [add]

A Night at the Playboy Mansion (2000) 01. Reach Inside [add]
02. Star [add]
03. The Groove E.P. [Vocal Mix] [add]
04. Down to Love Town [Dim's Secret Re-Edit] [add]
05. Shangri-La [Dim's Mansion Anthem Re-Edit] [add]
06. Talking All That Jazz [add]
07. Outro de Lugar [add]
08. Motivation [Dimitri's Dubwire Mix] [add]
09. Give Me Love [add]
10. I'll Be There for You [Joey Negro Vocal Mix] [add]
11. Sweet Music [add]
12. The Place Is Rockin' [add]
13. Wonderful Person [Maw Vocal Mix] [add]
14. Found a Cure [add]

Disco Forever (2000) 01. We're on Our Way Home [add]
02. My Love Supreme [add]
03. Barely Breaking Even [add]
04. Chameleon [add]
05. You're So Right for Me [add]
06. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now [add]
07. Flight to Jamaica [add]
08. Que Tal America [add]
09. Corazon [add]
10. Love Hangover [add]
11. Let's Make Love [add]
12. Just As Long As I Got You [add]
13. Smile [add]
14. I Got a Thing [add]
15. Shout at the Disco [add]
16. Work Song [add]
17. You're So Right for Me [Unmixed] [add]
18. My Love Supreme [Unmixed] [add]
19. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now [Unmixed] [add]
20. Corazon [Unmixed] [add]
21. Cathedrals [Unmixed] [add]
22. Chameleon [Unmixed] [add]
23. Flight to Jamaica [Unmixed] [add]
24. Que Tal America [Unmixed] [add]
25. Love Hangover [Unmixed] [add]
26. I Got a Thing [Unmixed] [add]
27. Work Song [Unmixed] [add]
28. Smile [Unmixed] [add]
29. Beyond the Galaxy [Unmixed] [add]
30. I Don't Wanna Lose It [add]
31. Let's Make Love [Unmixed] [add]
32. Just As Long As I Got You [Unmixed] [add]
33. Barely Breaking Even [Unmixed] [add]
34. We're on Our Way Home [Unmixed] [add]

My Salsoul (2001) 01. Seconds [add]
02. Moment of My Life [add]
03. Love Sensation [alternate take] [add]
04. (Knock Out) Let's Go Another Round [add]
05. Here's to You [Dim's Body & Soul Re-Edit] [add]
06. Boogie's Gonna Get Ya' [add]
07. Sadie (She Smokes) [add]
08. Ooh I Love It (Love Break) [add]
09. Love Is You [add]
10. Love Boat Theme [add]
11. Salsoul Rainbow [Dim's Dance Floor Re-Edit] [add]
12. Catch Me on the Rebound [W. Gibbons Remix] [add]
13. Law & Order [Dim's Instrumental Re-Edit] [add]
14. Ten Percent [add]
15. Let No Man Put Asunder [add]

After the Playboy Mansion (2002) 01. Nyce & Slo [Tony Humphries Wildlife Mix] [add]
02. So Good, So Right [Dim's Re-Edit] [add]
03. Twilight [Remix] [add]
04. Makeda [DJ Spinna and Ticklah Mix] [add]
05. I Got the Rhythm [Hip Hop Mix] [add]
06. Nikita [add]
07. Get It Up for Love [Dim's Re-Edit] [add]
08. Can't Give You Up [add]
09. Ibo Lele [Ginen T?t R?d Mix] [add]
10. Peanut Butter [Larry Levan Remix] [add]
11. Feel Up [Danny Tenaglia Remix] [add]
12. Lust [add]
13. Seasons of Love [blaze club mix] [add]
14. Candidate for Love [add]
15. Fran Mig Till Dig [Marchus Enochson Remix] [add]
16. The Body Theme [add]
17. Jazz Room [add]
18. Indigo Blues [Original LP Mix] [add]
19. So Good to Know [add]
20. All Good [Can 7 Supermarket Mix (No Rap)] [add]
21. Changin' [Blaze Shelter Mix] [add]
22. It's Yours [Tiefschwarz Remix] [add]
23. Never Enough [Sir Piers and Ed Funk Club Remix] [add]
24. Bienvenida [add]
25. Don't Leave Me This Way [Dim's Re-Edit] [add]

Cruising Attitude (2003) 01. Welcome Aboard [add]
02. Not Quite Disco [add]
03. Strong Man (For Real) [add]
04. Okinawa Love [add]
05. La Vie [add]
06. This Is Your Life [add]
07. Le Soundtrack [add]
08. Syracuse [add]
09. Merumo [add]
10. Toi Mon Auto [add]
11. Live Jazz [add]
12. Paris-Brooklyn [add]
13. Bokura No Mazinger Z [Black Version] [add]
14. This Is Your Life [Soul Source Production Mix] [add]

In the House (2004) 01. New Dance Beat [D'extended Edit] [add]
02. Sound of Music [add]
03. Hectic Funk/I Need You Now [Acappella] [add]
04. Got to Get Your Own [Joey Negro Club Mix] [add]
05. Don't Know Malendro [Dim's Re Edit] [add]
06. Dub U Say [add]
07. Nothing Is Impossible [12 Mix] [add]
08. Natural High [Sumo Rebounce Remix] [add]
09. We Are One [Shrine Horn Mix] [add]
10. Music [RC Groove's Original Body Mix] [add]
11. Mon Amour [DJ Gregory Remix] [add]
12. Drowsy With Hope [Julien Jabre Remix] [add]
13. Love's Light [Original Mix] [add]
14. Live for You /I Get Deep [edit] [add]
15. Gipsy Woman (She's Homeless) /Gipsy Woman [Acapella] [add]
16. Ever After (Reprise) [add]
17. Got to Be in Love [FK Vocal Mix] [add]
18. The Glow of Love [Silk Vocal Mix] [add]
19. Togetherness [add]
20. I Love Music [Dim's Dancefloor Touch Up] [add]
21. Disco Queen [Moz-Art Mix] [add]
22. Thirteen [LP Mix] [add]
23. I Want the World to Know [add]
24. Morning Sun [Dim's Disco Classic Re-Blend] [add]
25. Morning Breeze [Dim's Disco Blend] [add]
26. Paris Brooklyn [Next Evidence Remix] [add]
27. I Saw the Light [Little Big Bee Remix] [add]
28. Any Love [Dim's Classic Re-Edit] [add]
29. Any Love [Dim's Classic Re-Edit] [add]
30. Gipsy Woman [Dim's Special Re-Touch] [add]
31. I Love Music [Dim's Dancefloor Touch Up] [add]
32. New Dance Beat [D'extended Edit] [add]
33. Don't Know Malendro [Dim's Re Edit] [add]
34. Love for You [Dim's Special Edit] [add]
35. Exclusive Dimitri Interview and Live Footage [Enhanced] [add]
36. Gallery [CD-ROM] [add]
37. Track Notes [CD-ROM] [add]
38. Biography & Discography [CD-ROM] [add]
39. Wallpaper [CD-ROM] [add]

In the House of Love (2006) 01. Down to Love Town [Dim's Disco Citay Remix] [add]
02. Feel Like Dancing [add]
03. Lookin' for Love [12 Remix - Dim's Re-Edit] [add]
04. Fire [Afro Gigolo Soul Weekender Remix - Dim's Re-Edit] [add]
05. Tonight [add]
06. Hooked on You [Dim's Old School of Disco Mix] [add]
07. Enjoy It Now [123 Extended Vocal Mix - Dim's Re-Edit] [add]
08. Sunday Afternoon [Danny Tenaglia 501 Dub] [add]
09. Big Love [Dim's Love Train Re-Edit] [add]
10. You're the One for Me [Acapella] [add]
11. The Look of Love [Dim's Re-Edit] [add]
12. The Way You Love Me [Dim's T.S.O.P. Version] [add]
13. I Need You [Dim's Super Disco Blend] [add]
14. I Don't Want to See Myself (Without You) [add]
15. Fantasy [Club Mix] [add]
16. La Vie en Rose [Original Tom Moulton Mix] [add]
17. All I Want Is You [add]
18. Lay It on Me [add]
19. Spend a Day Without You [Original Album Version] [add]
20. Sweet Talk [Dim's Re-Edit] [add]
21. The Glow of Love [add]
22. Say You Wannit [Original Mix] [add]
23. Drawn to You [Original Fukutomi Mix] [add]
24. A World of Love [Acapella] [add]
25. Givin' It Up [Roger Sanchez Deep Mix - Dim's Re-Edit] [add]
26. Found Love [Original Version] [add]
27. To Be in Love [Album Version] [add]
28. I Want You [Album Version - Dim's Re-Edit] [add]
29. Down to Love Town [*] [add]
30. I Need You [*] [add]
31. The Look of Love [*] [add]
32. Givin' It Up [*] [add]
33. Enjoy It Now [*] [add]
34. Hooked on You [*] [add]
35. Sweet Talk [*] [add]

Super Disco Friends (2006) 01. Get Fly [Re-Edit] [add]
02. Let's Get High (On the Music) [add]
03. I Thought You Wanted to Dance [add]
04. Saved by Your Love [add]
05. Dancin' Free [add]
06. Dance with Me [add]
07. Are You Ready [add]
08. Boogie to the Bop [add]
09. The Martians Visit [add]
10. Come Closer [add]
11. Mother Sucker [add]
12. Family Affair [instrumental] [add]
13. Good Good Feeling [add]
14. Disco Fever [add]
15. Hurt So Bad [add]
16. Positive Life [add]
17. Shake It Up [add]
18. Pussy Footer [add]
19. Nobody Can Be You [add]
20. (Hit The) Jack Pot (With Your Love) [add]
21. Try It Out [add]
22. Everybody Here Must Party [add]
23. I Can't Stop [add]
24. My Sweet Summer Suite [add]
25. I Can't Get Enough of Your Love [add]
26. Frisco Disco [add]
27. Phenomena Theme [add]
28. I Just Wanna Do My Thing [add]
29. The Ultimate Rap (Holiday Rec) [add]
30. Everybody Get Down (RBL Rec) [add]
31. People Get Up [add]
32. Trying to Get Over [add]
33. Get Another Love [add]

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