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Holy Mountain lyrics
Genre: Rock
Bloodstains Across Your Face in Decline (2004) 01. Recession [add]
02. The Fury of Men [add]
03. Florida [add]
04. The Living Dead & The Rogue States [add]
05. Gorilla Teeth [add]
06. Penis Jihad [add]
07. 1932 [add]
08. Big Hands [add]
09. The Long Yellow Winter [add]
10. A Milestone in Human Failure [add]
11. War Machine [add]
12. Requiem for a Gringo [add]
13. Q: Foreign Policy? A: Bombs [add]
14. No Party for You [add]
15. The Living Dead & The Living Dead Again [add]
16. Prelude to a Dirtnap [add]

Entrails (2005) 01. The Lines Are Drawn [add]
02. America [add]
03. Lord of All Enemies [add]
04. Slaves [add]
05. Entraas Putrefactas [I] [add]
06. Oversight [add]
07. ....Means You Have to Die [add]
08. Plague Bearer [add]
09. Entraas Putrefactas (Pt. 2) [add]
10. Worship and Murder [add]
11. Hammers [add]

Enemies (2006) 01. Manufacturing Political Leverage [add]
02. The Will of the People [add]
03. Penned In [add]
04. Historical Reassurance [add]
05. Rope or Bullet [add]
06. Spilling Currency [add]
07. The Sovereign State [add]
08. Re-Construction [add]
09. Wrath [add]
10. America [live] [add]
11. Slaves [live] [add]

Holy Mountain (2007) 01. Holy Mountain/Trance Mutation [add]
02. Holy Mountain/Pissed and Passed Out [add]
03. Holy Mountain/Violence of the Lambs [add]
04. Holy Mountain/Drink It [add]
05. Holy Mountain/Christs 4 Sale [add]
06. Holy Mountain/Cast out and Pissed [add]
07. Holy Mountain/Eye of the Beholder [add]
08. Holy Mountain/Communion [add]
09. Holy Mountain/Rainbow Room [add]
10. Holy Mountain/Alchemical Room [add]
11. Holy Mountain/Tarot Will Reach You/Burn Yoour Money [add]
12. Holy Mountain/Mattresses, Masks and Pearls [add]
13. Holy Mountain/Isla (The Sapphic Sleep) [add]
14. Holy Mountain/Psychedelic Weapons [add]
15. Holy Mountain/Rich Man in a Fishbowl [add]
16. Holy Mountain/Miniature Plastic Bomb Shop [add]
17. Holy Mountain/Fuck Machine [add]
18. Holy Mountain/Baby Snakes [add]
19. Holy Mountain/A Walk in the Park [add]
20. Holy Mountain/Mice and Massacre [add]
21. Holy Mountain/City of Freedom [add]
22. Holy Mountain/Starfish [add]
23. Holy Mountain/The Climb/Reality (Zoom Back Camera) [add]
24. Holy Mountain/Pantheon Bar (Bees Make Honey...) [add]

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