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Genre: Country
Lady Killin' Cowboy (0000) 01. Sam Hall [add]
02. Get Along Little Dogies [add]
03. Thirty Three Years in Prison [add]
04. Lady Killin' Cowboy [add]
05. I'm a Do-Right Cowboy [add]
06. Bill the Bar Fly [add]
07. Nobody's Darling But Mine [add]
08. My Brown Eyed Texas Rose [add]
09. Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle [add]
10. Oregon Trail [add]
11. Answer to 'Nobody's Darlin' [add]
12. Melody from the Sky [add]
13. The Hills of Old Wyoming [add]
14. We'll Rest at the End of the Trail [add]

Psalms (1958) 01. His Leaf Shall Not Wither [add]
02. How Excellent Is Thy Name [add]
03. Who Shall Dwell in Thy Holy Hill [add]
04. O Lord My Strength and My Redeemer [add]
05. Lord Is My Shepherd [add]
06. Lift Up Your Heads O Ye Gates [add]
07. I Shall Never Be Moved [add]
08. My Soul Thirsts for God [add]
09. O Send Out Thy Light [add]
10. Let the Sea Roar [add]
11. His Mercy Is Everlasting [add]
12. Lord Is Thy Keeper [add]
13. My Soul Doth Wait [add]
14. We Hanged Our Harps Upon the Willows [add]
15. Praise Ye the Lord [add]

Songs from the Western Screen (1958) 01. Bandit [add]
02. Wichita [add]
03. I Leaned on a Man [add]
04. Brave Man [add]
05. Searchers [add]
06. Remember the Alamo [add]
07. Last Frontier [add]
08. High Noon (Do Not Foraske Me) [add]
09. Marshall's Daughter [add]
10. Prairie Home [add]
11. Trooper Hook [add]

Hillbilly Heaven (1961) 01. I Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven [add]
02. Green Grow the Lilacs [add]
03. Love Me Now [add]
04. High Noon (Do Not Foraske Me) [add]
05. Deck of Cards [add]
06. Jealous Heart [add]
07. Have I Stayed Away Too Long [add]
08. Ol' Shorty [add]
09. We Live in Two Diff'rent Worlds [add]
10. There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder [add]
11. Jingle Jangle Jingle [add]
12. Pledge of Allegiance [add]

The Lincoln Hymns (1961) 01. Paradise Below [add]
02. Let Me Freely Yield [add]
03. Path of Sorrow [add]
04. Awake My Charity [add]
05. Everlasting Song [add]
06. Wicked World [add]
07. Lord Let Thy Grace Surround Me [add]
08. Grace Has Set Me Free [add]
09. Hope That Shall Sustain Me [add]
10. Sacred Guest [add]
11. Help Me O Lord [add]
12. Salvation Oh the Joyful Sound [add]

Stan Kenton & Tex Ritter (1962) 01. Bandit of Brazil [add]
02. Green Leaves of Summer [add]
03. Home on the Range [add]
04. Wagon Wheels [add]
05. Empty Saddles [add]
06. High Noon (Do Not Foraske Me) [add]
07. Cool Water [add]
08. September Song [add]
09. Red River Valley [add]
10. Cimarron (Roll On) [add]
11. Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle [add]
12. Last Round Up [add]

Border Affair (1963) 01. Abandonado [add]
02. Cucaracha [add]
03. Golondrinas [add]
04. Adelita [add]
05. Border Affair [add]
06. El Rancho Grande [add]
07. Poor Lonesome Cowboy [add]
08. You Vendo Unos Ojos Negros [add]
09. Lo Que Digo [add]
10. Cielito Lindo [add]
11. Guadalajara [add]

The Friendly Voice of Tex Ritter (1964) 01. Just Down the Road [add]
02. Papa Too [add]
03. You Wild Colorado [add]
04. Railroad Life [add]
05. Big Brother [add]
06. Fool's Paradise [add]
07. Gallow's Pole [add]
08. My Darling Lola Lee [add]
09. She Loved This House [add]
10. Walk Big [add]
11. Blue for the Emerald Isle [add]

Sweet Land of Liberty (1966) 01. Remember the Alamo [add]
02. William Barrett Travis [add]
03. Lincoln's Farewell Address [add]
04. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address [add]
05. Letter to Mrs Bixby [add]
06. History Repeats Itself [add]
07. Pledge of Allegiance [add]
08. This Land Is Your Land [add]
09. Letter to My Sons [add]
10. America Our Land [add]
11. Day for Decision [add]
12. Old Glory [add]

Just Beyond the Moon (1967) 01. Just Beyond the Moon [add]
02. Wall of Silas Stone [add]
03. Men in My Little Girl's Life [add]
04. Touch of the Master's Hand [add]
05. Trouble in the Amen Corner [add]
06. H-E-V-N [add]
07. Suppertime [add]
08. Here Was a Man [add]
09. Beyond the Sunset [add]
10. Old Doc Brown [add]
11. She Loved This House [add]
12. He Died Like a Man [add]

Sings His Hits (1967) 01. San Antonio Rose [add]
02. I'm Gonna Leave You Like I Found You [add]
03. Double Dealin' Darlin' [add]
04. From Now on [add]
05. When You Leave Don't Slam the Door [add]
06. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You [add]
07. Some Sweet Day [add]
08. Never Mind My Tears [add]
09. I Don't Want You Anymore [add]
10. Long Time Gone [add]

Bump Tiddle Dee Bum Bum! (1968) 01. Bump Tiddle Dee Bum Bum [add]
02. You Don't Know Me [add]
03. Blue Canadian Rockies [add]
04. I Just Can't Get Away from These Old Memories [add]
05. China Doll [add]
06. In the Misty Moonlight [add]
07. Two Glasses Joe [add]
08. Distant Drums [add]
09. Down in Old Matamoros [add]
10. Wind and the Trees [add]
11. Jim I Wore a Tie Today [add]
12. Hey Mr Bluebird [add]

Tennessee Blues (1968) 01. Tennessee Blues [add]
02. You're Always Brand New [add]
03. There's No One to Cry Over Me [add]
04. My Bucket's Been Fixed [add]
05. My Woman Ain't Pretty (But She Don't Swear None) [add]
06. San Antonio Story [add]
07. Let Me Go Devil [add]
08. Lonely Veil of White [add]
09. Daddy's Last Letter (A Letter from Korea) [add]
10. Greedy Old Dog [add]

Tex Ritter's Wild West (1968) 01. Texas [add]
02. Dusty Skies [add]
03. Bad Brahma Bull [add]
04. The Blizzard lyrics
05. Conversation With a Gun [add]
06. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) [add]
07. The Wayward Wind [add]
08. The Long Tall Shadow [add]
09. The Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma [add]
10. The Governor and the Kid [add]
11. Stranger on Boot Hill [add]
12. Me and Tennessee [add]

Chuck Wagon Days (1969) 01. Get Along Little Dogies [add]
02. A-Ridin' Old Paint [add]
03. Red River Valley [add]
04. Rounded up in Glory [add]
05. Every Day in the Saddle [add]
06. The Old Chisholm Trail [add]
07. The Border Affair [add]
08. Home on the Range [add]
09. A Cowboy's Prayer [add]
10. Chuckwagon Son of a Gun [add]

Love You Big as Texas (1969) 01. Love You Big as Texas [add]
02. Bummin' Around [add]
03. Take Him Fishing [add]
04. Go on Get Out [add]
05. Everybody Likes a Little Lovin' [add]
06. Reverend Mr Black [add]
07. Marshall's Daughter [add]
08. Bandit [add]
09. Working Man's Prayer [add]

Green, Green Valley (1970) 01. God Bless America Again [add]
02. Okie from Muskogee [add]
03. Legend of Shenandoah [add]
04. Make Friends [add]
05. Papa [add]
06. Green Green Valley [add]
07. Drink Up and Go Home [add]
08. My Elusive Dreams [add]
09. Jeremiah Jones [add]
10. Detroit City [add]

Tex (1971) 01. Texas [add]
02. Blizzard [add]
03. Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma [add]
04. Conversation With a Gun [add]
05. Long Tall Shadow [add]
06. Governor and the Kid [add]
07. Me and Tennessee [add]
08. Dusty Skies [add]
09. Stranger on Boot Hill [add]

Fall Away (1975) 01. Fall Away [add]
02. Po' Folks [add]
03. One Heaven of a Woman [add]
04. Mac Arthur's Hand [add]
05. Through the Years [add]
06. Omaha [add]
07. Best Times of All [add]
08. Lucy Let Your Lovelight Shine [add]
09. Take Him Fishing [add]
10. This Ain't Mexico [add]

Comin' After Jinny (1976) 01. Comin' After Jinny [add]
02. Lookin' Back [add]
03. He Who Is Without Sin (Let Him Judge Me) [add]
04. Wanderin' Star [add]
05. Girl Who Carries a Torch for Me [add]
06. One Night for Willie [add]
07. Sweet Bird of Youth [add]
08. Growin' Up [add]
09. Willy the Wandering Gypsy and Me [add]
10. God Bless America Again [add]

Cowboy Favorites (1978) 01. Chisholm Trail [add]
02. San Antonio Rose [add]
03. Try Me One More Time [add]
04. Boll Weevil [add]
05. Rounded Up in Glory [add]
06. Blood on the Saddle [add]
07. Bad Brahma Bull [add]
08. Rye Whiskey [add]

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