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The Special Consensus lyrics
Genre: Country
Hey, Y'All (1990) 01. Hey Y' All [add]
02. When the Walls Come Tumblin' Down [add]
03. That Old Moonlight [add]
04. The Three Bells [add]
05. Iola [add]
06. The Leavin' Train [add]
07. Missin' the Misses [add]
08. I'm Gone, Long Gone [add]
09. 14 Carat Mind [add]
10. Wild Turkey Tracks [add]
11. Whisperin' Pines [add]
12. I Can't Sit Down [add]
13. Strawberry Point [add]
14. Viva Las Vegas [add]

Green Rolling Hills (1993) 01. Green Rolling Hills [add]
02. Don't Just Stand There [add]
03. Sounds Like a Heartache [add]
04. Heel and Toe Polka [add]
05. On the Highway to Your Heart [add]
06. I Will Whisper Your Name [add]
07. I'll Take Rain [add]
08. Get up Peter (And Put Your Sandals On) [add]
09. Scoot, Git and Be Gone [add]
10. Stealin' Away [add]
11. Oak Valley Girl [add]
12. Jerry's Breakdown [add]
13. I'm a Goin' On [add]
14. Dream of the Miner's Child [add]
15. Cimarron [add]

Strong Enough to Bend (1996) 01. Candy Mountain [add]
02. Gonna Walk That Line [add]
03. I Wonder [add]
04. Outbound Plane [add]
05. Money Creek [add]
06. Ten Mile Tennessee [add]
07. The Devil Ain't Lazy [add]
08. Strong Enough to Bend [add]
09. Call Me a Taxi [add]
10. How Was I Supposed to Know? [add]
11. Third Coast Breakdown [add]
12. A Penny for Your Thoughts [add]
13. Listening to the Rain [add]
14. I Want My Friends to Pray for Me [add]

Our Little Town (1998) 01. Another Day With the Blues [add]
02. Blue in the Blue Ridge [add]
03. Our Little Town [add]
04. Irish Medley: The Traveler/Green Gates [add]
05. Lonesome Cold Winter [add]
06. Slow Train Through Georgia [add]
07. Silver Dew on the Bluegrass Tonight [add]
08. Journey to My Savior's Side [add]
09. Billy Boy [add]
10. Nothin' But the Wheel [add]
11. Strawberry Point [add]
12. New Jerusalem [add]

Route 10 (2002) 01. Say You'll Stay in My Arms [add]
02. If I Could Only Have Your Love [add]
03. Amy and Trevor [add]
04. Rounder's Spirit [add]
05. This Ain't Alabama, Uncle George [instrumental] [add]
06. I'll Believe the Lie [add]
07. Bobby and Sarah [add]
08. Come Unto Me [add]
09. Route 10, Box 782 [add]
10. The Old Man in the Park [add]
11. Chahill Special [instrumental] [add]
12. Carolina in the Pines [add]

Everything's Alright (2005) 01. What Will Become of Me [add]
02. Can't Go Back [add]
03. How Many Times [add]
04. Two Minus One [add]
05. The Lights Are Out [add]
06. Beginner's Luck [instrumental] [add]
07. Lord, Show Me the Righteous Pathway [add]
08. Everything's Alright [add]
09. She's Walking Through My Memory [add]
10. Old Town Ceili [instrumental] [add]
11. Carolina Smokey Mountain Home [add]
12. Today Has Been a Lonesome Day [add]

Trail of Aching Hearts (2007) 01. I'd Like to Wander Back to the Old Home [add]
02. I'm Gonna Love You One More Time [add]
03. Down the Trail of Aching Hearts [add]
04. Rich Man's Goal [add]
05. Burns Breakdown [instrumental] [add]
06. The Road to You [add]
07. Life Your Voice in Prayer [add]
08. Josie's Reel [add]
09. Ten Mile Tennessee [add]
10. Blue Skies [instrumental] [add]
11. The Shoe Goes on the Other Foot Tonight [add]
12. Branded Wherever I Go [add]

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