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Peter Rowan lyrics
Genre: Country
Peter Rowan (1978) 01. Outlaw Love [add]
02. Break My Heart Again [add]
03. A Woman in Love [add]
04. When I Was a Cowboy [add]
05. Land of the Navajo [add]
06. The Free Mexican Airforce [add]
07. Panama Red [add]
08. Midnite Moonlite [add]
09. The Gypsy King's Farewell [add]

Medicine Trail (1980) 01. Riding High in the Sky [add]
02. My Foolish Pride [add]
03. River of Stone [add]
04. Revelation [add]
05. Living on the Line [add]
06. Medicine Trail [add]
07. Blues Come Bother Me [add]
08. Dreaming I Love You [add]
09. Maui Momma [add]
10. Prairie Lullabye [add]

Texican Badman (1981) 01. Sweet Melinda [add]
02. Four Corners [add]
03. A Vacant Sea [add]
04. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You) [add]
05. Squeeze Box Man [add]
06. Texican Badman [add]
07. What of Alicia [add]
08. While the Ocean Roars [add]
09. Awake My Love [add]
10. On the Blue Horizon [add]

The Walls of Time (1982) 01. Roving Gambler [add]
02. Lone Pilgrim [add]
03. Raglan Road (Dawning of the Day) [add]
04. Going up on the Mountain [add]
05. Casey's Last Ride [add]
06. Old, Old House [*] [add]
07. Hiroshima Mon Amour [*] [add]
08. Willow Garden [*] [add]
09. Moonshiner [add]
10. Thirsty in the Rain [add]
11. Walls of Time [add]
12. Plains of Waterloo [add]

Red Hot Pickers (1984) 01. Hobo Song [add]
02. Old, Old House [add]
03. Willow Garden [add]
04. Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy [add]
05. Wild Bill Jones [add]
06. Hiroshima Mon Amour [add]
07. Come All Ye Tender-Hearted [add]
08. Oh, Susannah [add]
09. Rosalie McFall [add]
10. A Good Woman's Love [add]

The First Whippoorwill (1985) 01. I'm on My Way Back to the Old Home [add]
02. I'm Just a Used to Be [add]
03. I Believed in You, Darling [add]
04. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong [add]
05. When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall [add]
06. I Was Left on the Street [add]
07. Goodbye Old Pal [add]
08. When You Are Lonely [add]
09. The First Whippoorwill [add]
10. Sittin' Alone in the Moonlight [add]
11. Boat of Love [add]
12. It's Mighty Dark to Travel [add]

New Moon Rising (1988) 01. That High Lonesome Sound [add]
02. Trail of Tears [add]
03. Memories of You [add]
04. A Moth to a Flame [add]
05. I'm Gonna Love You (Like There's No Tomorrow) [add]
06. One Way [add]
07. New Moon Rising [add]
08. Jesus Made the Wine [add]
09. Cabin of Love [add]
10. Meadow Green lyrics

Dust Bowl Children (1990) 01. Dust Bowl Children [add]
02. Before the Streets Were Paved [add]
03. Electric Blanket [add]
04. Little Mother [add]
05. Barefoot Country Road [add]
06. Seeds My Daddy Sowed [add]
07. Tumbleweed [add]
08. Dream of a Home [add]
09. Rainmaker [add]
10. Forest for the Trees [add]
11. The Harvest [add]
12. Wings of Horses [add]

All on a Rising Day (1991) 01. Midnight Highway [add]
02. Last Train [add]
03. Howlin' at the Moon [add]
04. Mr. Time Clock [add]
05. Behind These Prison Walls of Love [add]
06. Deal With the Devil [add]
07. Undying Love [add]
08. The Wheel of Fortune [add]
09. All on a Rising Day [add]
10. Freedom Walkabout [add]
11. Prayer of a Homeless Wanderer [add]
12. John O'Dreams [add]

Awake Me in the New World (1993) 01. Shaman's Vision [add]
02. Dreams of the Sea [add]
03. Pulcinella Sails Away [add]
04. Caribbean Woman [add]
05. Dance With No Shoes [add]
06. Sugar Cane [add]
07. For Gods, for Kings & For Gold [add]
08. Awake Me in the New World [add]
09. All My Relations [add]
10. Remember That I Love You [add]
11. Maria de Las Rosas [add]
12. African Banjo [add]
13. Sailing Home [add]
14. Dance of Pulcinella [add]

Tree on a Hill (1994) 01. Tree on a Hill [add]
02. Man of Constant Sorrow [add]
03. Little Darlin' Pal of Mine [add]
04. No Lonesome Tune [add]
05. Rye Whiskey [add]
06. Fair and Tender Ladies [add]
07. Faith, Love and Devotion [add]
08. Long Time [add]
09. Lone Pilgrim [add]
10. I'll Be There [add]
11. Mary Magdalene [add]

Yonder (1996) 01. Wayside Tavern [add]
02. Cannon Ball Blues [add]
03. Lullaby of the Leaves [add]
04. Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues [add]
05. Texas Rangers [add]
06. Can't Get There from Here [add]
07. Tribulations [add]
08. When You and I Were Young, Maggie [add]
09. Girl in the Blue Velvet Band [add]
10. Chicka-Li-Lee-O [add]
11. You Taught Me How to Lose [add]
12. Where Angels Weep [add]

Rowan & Wild Stallions (1996) 01. I Can't Get Mellow [add]
02. The Hotter She Burns [add]
03. Fool Myself Again [add]
04. Baby Let's Play House [add]
05. Call It Love [add]
06. A Woman in Love [add]
07. Cries of Love [add]
08. Refugee [add]
09. Sheila [add]
10. Rendezvous [add]
11. Primavera Dell'amore [add]

Bluegrass Boy [live] (1996) 01. Nighttime [add]
02. Wild Geese Cry Again [add]
03. A Jealous Heart and a Worried Mind [add]
04. Will Work for Food [add]
05. Stable Boy Blues [add]
06. The Green Willow [add]
07. Let the Harvest Go to Seed [add]
08. Ruby Ridge [add]
09. Pretty Little Blanco River Waltz [add]
10. Weep Not for the Dead [add]
11. Pure White Sail [add]
12. Bluegrass Boy [add]

High Lonesome Cowboy (2002) 01. Take Me Back to the Range [add]
02. The Old Chisholm Trail [add]
03. Ramblin' Cowboy [add]
04. Reno Blues (Philadelphia Lawyer) [add]
05. The Old Grey Mare Came Tearing out of the Wilderness [add]
06. Trail to Mexico [add]
07. The Night Guard [add]
08. Buddies in the Saddle [add]
09. Goodbye Old Paint [add]
10. Midnight on the Stormy Deep [add]
11. I'm Going to Leave Old Texas Now [add]

You Were There for Me (2004) 01. You Were There for Me [add]
02. Tin Roof Shack [add]
03. Shirt Off My Back [add]
04. Miss Liberty (Lay My Lonesome Down) [add]
05. Cowboys and Indians [add]
06. Ahmed the Beggar Boy [add]
07. Angel Island [add]
08. Ain't That Just Like You [add]
09. Come Back to Old Santa Fe [add]
10. Wild Mustang [add]

Reggaebilly! (2005) 01. Pulling the Devil by the Tail [add]
02. Little Maggie [add]
03. Angel Island [add]
04. I Don't Want to Live Without Your Love [add]
05. The Cuckoo Bird [add]
06. Blue Mountain (Every Man) [add]
07. Sky Dancer [add]
08. Vulture Peak (Form and Emptiness) [add]
09. Fetch Wood Carry Water [add]
10. Fetch Wood Carry Water [Dub Version] [add]

Crucial Country: Live At Telluride (2006) 01. Deal with the Devil [live] [add]
02. Howlin' at the Moon [live] [add]
03. The Walls of Time [live] [add]
04. Tumbleweed [live] [add]
05. Panama Red [live] [add]
06. Rainmaker [live] [add]
07. Wings of Horses [live] [add]
08. No Woman No Cry [live] [add]
09. Land of the Navajo [live] [add]
10. Ancient Tones [live] [add]

Quartet (2006) 01. Dust Bowl Children [add]
02. To Live Is to Fly [add]
03. The Walls of Time [add]
04. Shady Grove [add]
05. Moonlight Midnight [add]
06. Trespasses [add]
07. The Sunny Side of the Mountain [add]
08. Cold Rain and Snow [add]
09. Guardian Angles [add]
10. Let the Harvest Go to Seed [add]
11. Perfection [add]

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