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Tony Rice lyrics
Genre: Country
Guitar (0197) 01. Freeborn Man [add]
02. Faded Love [add]
03. Salt Creek [add]
04. Doing My Time [add]
05. Windy and Warm [add]
06. John Hardy [add]
07. Nine Pound Hammer [add]
08. Lonesome Reuben [add]

California Autumn (1975) 01. California Autumn [add]
02. Bullet Man [add]
03. Mr. Poverty [add]
04. Billy in the Low Ground [add]
05. Red Haired Boy [add]
06. Good Woman's Love [add]
07. You Don't Know My Mind [add]
08. Alone and Forsaken [add]
09. Bugle Call Rag [add]
10. Georgia on My Mind [add]
11. Scarborough Fair [add]
12. Beaumont Rag [add]

Tony Rice (1977) 01. Banks of the Ohio [add]
02. Rattlesnake [add]
03. Mr. Engineer [add]
04. Plastic Banana [add]
05. Don't Give Your Heart to a Rambler [add]
06. Farewell Blues [add]
07. Way Downtown [add]
08. Stoney Creek [add]
09. Hills of Roane County [add]
10. Eighth of January [add]
11. Big Mon [add]
12. Temperance Reel [add]

Acoustics (1979) 01. Gasology [add]
02. Blues for Paradise [add]
03. Old Gray Coat [add]
04. Four on Six [add]
05. So Much [add]
06. Swing '51 [add]
07. New Waltz [add]
08. Fast Floyd [add]

Manzanita (1979) 01. Old Train [add]
02. Manzanita [add]
03. Little Sadie [add]
04. Blackberry Blossom [add]
05. Nine Pound Hammer [add]
06. Hold Whatcha Got [add]
07. Blue Railroad Train [add]
08. Ginseng Sullivan [add]
09. Midnight on the Stormy Deep [add]
10. I Hope You Have Learned [add]
11. Stoney Point [add]
12. Home from the Forest [add]

Mar West (1980) 01. Mar West [add]
02. Nardis [add]
03. Waltz for Indira [add]
04. Neon Tetra [add]
05. Is That So [add]
06. Whoa Baby, Every Day I Wake up With the Blues [add]
07. Mar East [add]
08. Untitled as of Yet [add]

Backwaters (1982) 01. Common Ground [add]
02. Just Some Bar in the French Quarters [add]
03. Backwaters [add]
04. My Favorite Things [add]
05. A Child is Born [add]
06. On Green Dolphin Street [add]
07. Mobius Mambo [add]

Church Street Blues (1983) 01. Church Street Blues [add]
02. Cattle in the Cane [add]
03. Streets of London [add]
04. One More Night [add]
05. The Gold Rush [add]
06. Any Old Time [add]
07. Orphan Annie [add]
08. House Carpenter [add]
09. Jerusalem Ridge [add]
10. Last Thing on My Mind [add]
11. Pride of Man [add]
12. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald [add]

Bluegrass Album, Vol. 4 (1984) 01. Age [add]
02. Cheyenne [add]
03. Cora Is Gone [add]
04. The Old Home Town [add]
05. Talk It All over With Him [add]
06. Head over Heels [add]
07. Nobody Loves Me [add]
08. When You Are Lonely [add]
09. I Might Take You Back Again [add]
10. Lonesome Wind Blues [add]
11. Somehow Tonight [add]

Cold on the Shoulder (1984) 01. Cold on the Shoulder [add]
02. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
03. John Hardy [add]
04. Fare Thee Well [add]
05. Bitter Green [add]
06. Mule Skinner Blues [add]
07. Song for Life [add]
08. Why Don't You Tell Me So [add]
09. If You Only Knew [add]
10. Likes of Me [add]
11. I Think It's Going to Rain Today [add]

Me & My Guitar (1986) 01. Me and My Guitar [add]
02. Four Strong Winds [add]
03. Walls [add]
04. Greenlight on the Southern [add]
05. Port Tobacco [add]
06. Early Morning Rain [add]
07. Sixteen Miles [add]
08. Hard Love [add]
09. Tipper [add]
10. Song for a Winter's Night [add]
11. Sweetheart Like You [add]
12. Fine as Fine Can Be [add]

Native American (1988) 01. Shadows [add]
02. St. James Hospital [add]
03. Night Flyer [add]
04. Why Have You Been Gone So Long [add]
05. Urge for Going [add]
06. Go My Way [add]
07. Nothin' Like a Hundred Miles [add]
08. Changes [add]
09. Brother to the Wind [add]
10. John Wilkes Booth [add]
11. Summer Wages [add]

Plays and Sings Bluegrass (1993) 01. I've Waited as Long as I Can [add]
02. Brown Mountain Light [add]
03. How Mountain Girls Can Love [add]
04. Carolina Star [add]
05. Thunderclouds of Love [add]
06. On and On [add]
07. This Morning at Nine [add]
08. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight [add]
09. Galveston Flood [add]
10. Will You Be Loving Another Man? [add]
11. Girl from the North Country [add]
12. Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone [add]
13. I'll Stay Around [add]

Crossings (1994) 01. In the Sweet By and By [add]
02. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus [add]
03. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [add]
04. Holy, Holy, Holy [add]
05. Living by Faith [add]
06. Amazing Grace [add]
07. Victory in Jesus [add]
08. Sweet Hour of Prayer [add]
09. I Feel Like Traveling On [add]
10. Just as I Am [add]
11. Are You Washed in the Blood? [add]
12. Doxology [add]

River Suite for Two Guitars (1995) 01. Banister River [add]
02. Send in the Clowns [add]
03. Innocenti [add]
04. So It Goes [add]
05. Nardis [add]
06. Unknown Emotion/Hidden Place [add]
07. Fish Scale [add]
08. Night Coach [add]
09. Big Mang [add]
10. Summertime [add]
11. It Takes a Thief [add]
12. Devlin [add]

Sings Gordon Lightfoot (1996) 01. Go My Way [add]
02. Home from the Forest [add]
03. Fine as Fine Can Be [add]
04. Let It Ride [add]
05. I'm Not Sayin' [add]
06. Bitter Green [add]
07. You Are What I Am [add]
08. Shadows [add]
09. Walls [add]
10. Whispers of the North [add]
11. Ten Degrees (Getting Colder) [add]
12. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald [add]
13. Early Morning Rain [add]
14. Whisper My Name [add]
15. Sixteen Miles [add]
16. Cold on the Shoulder [add]
17. Song for a Winter's Night [add]

Unit of Measure (2000) 01. Manzanita [1st Variation] [add]
02. House of the Rising Sun [add]
03. Shenandoh [add]
04. Gold Rush [add]
05. Jerusalem Ridge [add]
06. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) [add]
07. Beaumont Rag [add]
08. Swing '42 [add]
09. An Olde Irish Aire (Danny Boy) [add]
10. Sally Goodin' [add]

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